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Education Elements team, we are passionate about Personalized Learning and Blended Learning
We get up and come to work because we love it. We deeply care about personalizing learning for students because we believe that we need to meet the needs of every student every day. And we know that our work at Education Elements is making it possible for students across the country to be more engaged, be more excited and learning, and be more prepared for college, career and citizenship.

When we started, BLENDED LEARNING was not even a buzz word.

When Blended Learning was a buzz word, Education Elements started implementing it
In fact, it wasn’t even a word at all. Education Elements started with a single school in 2010 trying to answer a fundamental question: Can we leverage technology to differentiate learning and achieve better student outcomes as a result?
The use of technology in education through blended learning increased students' proficiency
In one year that school raised proficiency from 9% to 98% and it is now one of the highest performing elementary schools in the state. And it’s located in South Los Angeles.
A teacher asking about the Blended Learning results

Does that happen every time?

No, but our districts get great results...

A teacher using Blended Learning with Education Elements confirming the great success blended learning has in her district
  • Middletown, NY saw students in blended classrooms gain 35% more in reading, and 47% more in math than their peers in non-blended classrooms

    A super teacher from Middle town school district confirming the great success of blended learning in her district in both math and reading
  • 1st graders in Colorado performed 69% better than the year before

  • 87% of teachers agree they are able to differentiate more

  • 77% of teachers agree students are more engaged now than before

From our work with our first school, and the hundreds that followed, we have developed deep expertise in what it takes to effectively design and implement personalized learning. This is a people business.
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Now “blended learning” and “personalized learning” are starting to become household words, and it is the schools and districts we work with that are the pioneers, leading the way.
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Check out what Michael Horn has to say about some of our districts.

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