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Our Speakers

Keara Mascareñaz, Author and Speaker,  Managing Partner at Education Elements


20,000+ inspired employees,  800 teams

Anthony Kim, Author and Speaker, Founder and CEO of Education Elements


1000+ organizations, 40+ events per year, 3 books

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Keynotes Tailored to Your Audience

We help the best leaders, teams, and companies up their game.
  • Team Habits:
    Many leaders who want to help improve their teams, understand why new team practices matter, but struggle to build buy-in, transfer knowledge to others, and make changes that are the right size: big enough to make an impact, but not so big as to overwhelm their teams. Know the habits teams need to be successful.


  • Inclusion + Belonging
    We know that establishing, and sustaining a culture that promotes inclusion and belonging has wildly positive effects. But what changes can leaders make today? 


  • Rules for Innovative Organizations
    For every leader who wants to effectively make change and create environments of growth, excitement, and passion, Anthony has 6 rules. Take a deep dive into the rules that the most successful organizations leverage every day. 

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Planning for Change: Safe Enough to Try

Our work is often high stakes, and yet, how might we create the space where our staff and teams can learn, practice, and be ready for that game-time “no look pass” that can really make the difference? Anthony shares ways in which teams can plan for change, not perfection.

How Leading Districts Prepare Learners for Tomorrow

After 1000s of school visits, Anthony shares his learnings about what the best districts are doing to prepare students for tomorrow.


Building a Culture of Innovation

Building a culture of innovation is a lot like baking a cake: you have to have all the right ingredients or it won’t quite work. Keara draws from her work in change management, leadership development, school design, and innovation to deliver a winning recipe for creating a culture of innovation.


Happy Innovative Teachers

How do we as system leaders keep teachers really happy and engaged? Keara has studied the most innovative companies to see how they do it; how they have mastered the talent pipeline and how they have employees who want to stay and are, in fact, their best brand ambassadors.


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