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Upcoming Webinars

Navigating the First Year as a Supt webinar thumbnail

Navigating the First Year as a Superintendent

June 26, 2024 | 11am ET

Join us for a conversation with experienced superintendents from across the country who will share their stories, lessons learned, and practical guidance to those embarking on their first year of leading a district.

Unifying a Divided Community: Strategies for Community Engagement

April 25 YT thumbnail

With the 2024 election cycle upon us, district and school leaders are increasingly navigating complex political landscapes. Amidst these challenges, it remains critical to foster an inclusive, constructive dialogue while maintaining focus on district priorities and ensuring progress for our students.

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The Instructional Leadership Gap

Instructional Leadership Gap YT thumb

Today, more than ever, schools need principals and district staff to be instructional leaders – guiding staff to artfully combine proven instructional approaches, high-quality curriculum, and rigor with a deep personal care for staff and students. This difference between where many leaders are, and where we need them to be is the instructional leadership gap

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Leading Change In Education: How Responsive Leadership & Teamwork Transform Schools

4_16  Webinar YT thumbnail

The challenges leaders face today are many - accelerating student progress, dropping in enrollment, staffing cuts, school closures, and staffing shortages to name a few. How well we address these challenges is due in large measure to the effectiveness of our leadership and teams. And research shows that successful teams are dependent on how well they work together.

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Change Is Hard: How to Bring Innovation to Your District & See Results

4_11 Webinar YT thumbnail

District and school leaders are often navigating complexities of change while introducing and managing innovation. In this webinar, we’ll share how you can effectively engage and manage community expectations, overcome and embrace resistance, and foster a culture of innovation that helps you achieve your districts’ goals.

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Science of Reading: Do You Have the Systems In Place to Support Literacy Instruction Changes

SOR webinar thumbnail

Over 35 states have committed to full alignment with the science of reading over the past ten years - with many offering guidance and mandates in the past year. The goals are overarchingly the same, but their plans, timelines, and benchmarks differ. This webinar will explore how you can prepare your district for changes to literacy instruction.

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Initiative Overload: How to Get Alignment & Results in Your District

initiative overload webinar thumbnail

Across the country, school and district leaders are juggling multiple initiatives, which seem to be ever-expanding, creating initiative overload for educators, leaders, and communities. An ever present issue, this webinar seeks to share how to conduct a productive audit of your current initiatives, prioritize actions, and engage in a planning process that aligns your districts’ efforts for maximum impact.

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