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Districts that work with Education Elements see an increase in student achievement, student engagement, and teacher innovation & effectiveness


report teachers provide students opportunities to reflect on and shape their learning journey more often.


see teachers innovate more often.


believe team meetings and collaboration are more effective.


of leaders report increased teacher collaboration.


of leaders report their district is a positive working environment.

Annual Report: Building Responsive Systems to Transform Education

Read about responsive practices that we equipped districts with, to take on their unique challenges and achieve their big goals.

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Networks of Learning that Power Change in Georgia

Sustainably implementing personalized learning at scale across various districts with both similarities and to complement their distinct areas of focus. Simultaneously, GOSA wanted to build a network of personalized learning model schools to drive Georgia education to become more student-centered.

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Sustaining innovation through transformative leadership in Middletown, NY

After 5 years of implementing personalized learning, and seeing five years of sustained academic growth, the district started seeing that things began to plateau and additional initiatives began taking hold in Middletown. The initial strides were critical, but the next steps were less clear. Not only did classrooms need to change, and they did through PL, but the way the district worked as an organization needed to change as well. 

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Fairbanks North Star Borough School District, AK

Despite facing the unique challenges of being an isolated, rural community, the Fairbanks North Star Borough School District in Alaska committed themselves to bridging the gap for their students. Education Elements worked with the district to win community support, empower teachers, and prepare students for 21st-century technology and careers.

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Wake County Public School System, NC

As the 15th largest district in the country, Wake County Public School System (WCPSS) was faced with keeping up with the demands of a rapidly growing population. WCPSS worked with Education Elements to design a new “personalized learning school” from the ground up, with a fresh approach to traditional structures and processes along the way.

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Wayne-Finger Lakes BOCES, NY

The Wayne-Finger Lakes BOCES is a unique model in which many school districts work with both Education Elements and each other to rethink their instructional models while meeting the varying needs of each district. The districts demonstrated a high level of cross-collaboration, combined with direct support from Education Elements, to revitalize teaching and learning.

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Hartford Public Schools, CT

Hartford Public Schools in Connecticut knew that the primary roadblock to their students’ success was a high poverty rate and large opportunity gap. The district worked with Education Elements to introduce blended learning into their high schools, which provide targeted career preparation and opportunities and focused on professional development for teachers.

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Loudoun County Public Schools, VA

Loudoun County Public Schools is determined to prepare students to be successful in a global work environment. Through supporting them in aligning project-based learning and personalized learning, and developing a strategy for OER, we are helping them get students ready for the future.

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Horry County Schools, SC

Despite outperforming most districts in the state, Horry County Schools (HCS) realized they could do more to raise academic achievement for all students. We started our work with HCS by developing a personalized learning (PL) instructional model and support plan for one pilot middle school. That led to creating a strategy and supporting the design, implementation, and roll-out of PL across the district.

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Racine Unified School District, WI

Racine Unified School District was experiencing declining enrollment, especially at the middle school level, due to economic conditions and state policies which allow students to transfer in and out of districts. Education Elements worked with the five middle schools to turn them into places where are confident their students are central to the learning environment.

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Uinta County School District #1, WY

In 2014 Uinta County School District #1 knew that they wanted to do more to support student-centered learning but did not know where to start. Since then we have worked with them to support school teams as they design classrooms where the experience is personalized for every student.

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Metropolitan School District of Warren Township, IN

Warren knew they were not getting a return on investment from their technology. Education Elements helped them to reset and focus on their vision of personalized learning to then leverage their devices.

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Syracuse City School District, NY

Syracuse wanted to improve student achievement and engagement along with supporting social-emotional learning. Education Elements helped them to align their initiatives, anchor on personalized learning and create classrooms where students have all of the support they need to succeed.

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Fulton County Schools, GA

Fulton had a vision for personalized learning but needed help to implement it. Over two years, Education Elements supported 95 schools in designing and implementing new personalized learning instructional models.

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Enlarged City School District of Middletown, NY

Although small for a city district, the majority of students come from poverty and Middletown wanted to close the achievement gap between white and minority students, as well as lower their dropout rate. Education Elements started working with them in 2013 and over four years we have transformed the district together.

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Yuma School District One, AZ

When Yuma decided to implement personalized learning, they decided to go big and launched in all 17 schools in their district at the same time. With our support, they designed and implemented personalized learning successfully in all their schools, with an eye on continuous improvement and a passion for doing what is best for every student in their district.

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Since 2010, we've worked with more than 40,000 teachers, 950 schools and 200 districts across the nation, to personalize learning and improve education for 780,000 students. 

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