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Strategy Development

Strategy Development

A successful implementation starts with a successful strategy

Strategy Development is an important first step in making sure your district vision becomes a reality. Strategic planning needs to be dynamic, responsive, and focus on changes that are successful, sustainable and scalable.

Initiative alignment matters

Whether your district is implementing Open Educational Resources, blended learning, 1:1 programs, project-based learning, or maker-spaces, the goal is often the same: a more student-centered approach to learning that delivers improved student outcomes.

But new initiatives layered on top of the old ones, without a clear strategy, can result in isolated pockets of innovation, a lack of alignment, too little commitment to drive the desired change, and overwhelmed teachers and leaders. We’ve worked with hundreds of school systems to help clarify their vision and align initiatives to make the most of every resource. And it works: districts who work with us have experienced over 140% growth in reading and 120% growth in math and report higher teacher satisfaction.

Initiative alignment school district

Your district strategy will be stronger if you work with the right partner

Though many districts do a great job conveying their mission and vision statements, it’s hard work defining and implementing the right strategies to successfully realize their vision. Whether you have a state-mandated obligation to develop a district strategy; have just appointed a new superintendent; have a change in school board with a new vision for your district; or have plans to transform teaching and learning, Education Elements can help you develop an actionable district strategy.

We help minimize the risks and maximize the opportunity by working with you every step of the way to develop a strategy that works

  • We start first by either confirming your district’s vision or developing a new one.
  • We help your district understand what the execution of your vision could look like.
  • We assess your district’s current capabilities against your vision and develop actionable strategies to achieve your vision.
  • We develop metrics to help you monitor and measure progress on the implementation of your district’s strategy.

Throughout this process we engage stakeholders across the district, from students to community members and everyone in between, to ensure their authentic voices are heard and addressed in your district’s strategy.

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