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Curriculum Strategy

Curriculum Adoption & Strategy

Develop a school district curriculum strategy that recognizes the changing needs of students

Curriculum selection is no longer about textbook adoptions that happen every few years. Districts today need a strategy for curriculum adoption and selection that takes into account district goals, student needs and new dynamic and student-centered environments.

The right curriculum makes a big difference

An effective curriculum blueprint becomes a tool for educators to ensure students are dynamic learners supported with a strong curriculum - alongside a mix of teacher-created content, traditional textbooks, and digital resources.

curriculum strategy

Education Elements supports districts in creating an effective curriculum adoption and strategy

We work with districts using our proven methodology customized to meet the needs of each district with curriculum planning. We help districts to:

  • Diagnose the district’s readiness level for a new curriculum adoption plan
  • Design a new curriculum blueprint that meets the needs of your school district
  • Explore various curriculum resource types and develop the right curriculum mix for your district
  • Build your school district's capacity with the customized staff training

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