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Instructional Modal Design

Instructional Model Design

If you want to change student outcomes, you need to re-examine the instructional models in your classrooms

Human-centered design processes help schools create new instructional models that re-imagine the use of time, space, and resources to increase student engagement and achievement.

Our students' needs are changing, so how we teach needs to change too

Big shifts in teaching and learning require new instructional models, but it can be challenging to design the next generation of teaching and learning. Today's classrooms need to be more student-centered and include more student voice and choice to inspire a love of learning. Our team brings deep expertise, examples from other districts, and design-thinking processes to help your schools create instructional models that will really work for their communities.

instructional model design

We support instructional model design in several ways:

  • We work with a district leadership team to create a blueprint with parameters for schools to follow in developing their designs
  • We conduct workshops to deepen each school teams' understanding of personalized learning instructional models

  • We educate schools on existing models and help them to understand the pros, cons, and use cases for each instructional design

  • We recognize that just as every student has different needs, so does every teacher and school; we work alongside school teams to create models with scaffolds to support varied teacher levels

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