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Innovative Leadership Competencies
and Capacity Building

Strong leaders at all levels are essential for schools and districts to be successful

Even elite athletes need coaches. We help your team stay on top of trends and their game.

Why innovative leadership?

Innovative educational leadership can breed positive, transformative change within schools and districts. The most successful implementations and cultures of educational innovation are driven by capable leadership teams who are amply equipped to overcome evolving challenges and enhance the skills of their teachers. By building your leadership capacity and that of your team, you will establish the foundation needed to support teachers and educational leaders to more fully design, implement and sustain innovation in their classrooms and work. In many schools and districts, innovative leaders are the key difference makers in developing struggling teachers into effective ones, and good teachers into great ones.

What does it mean to be an innovative leader?

What does it mean to be an innovative, responsive leader in your community? The most successful school and district leaders are those who have the tools and mindset to develop communities in which teacher-led innovation is fostered, supported, empowered and celebrated. The good news is that you have the power to create this kind of leadership in your district and schools.

Your journey to turn this potential into reality begins with a robust understanding of how you can become a more innovative leader and help other leaders emerge.

Now, you hired great people; support them in getting better

We believe in supporting district leaders; but for us, it isn't just about the top layer. School leaders need help too. We take a capacity-building approach because we believe that implementations are stronger when the people on the ground get the support they need. We provide coaching development so that coaches feel equipped to support their teachers. You do not want to rely on outside consultants forever, so we build up teams to do great things on their own.

leadership capacity and building

We help your best people improve in several ways:

  • Help you build and nurture innovative leadership competencies and skills
  • Develop action steps to prioritize and implement instructional approaches aligned to your district's strategic plan.
  • Design new processes and methods to increase capabilities of teams.
  • Develop fluency in problem-solving through design thinking strategies.

Through our work with more than 950 schools and 200 districts we have developed a series of frameworks for leveraging innovative leadership competencies, and that provide insights, tools, and training to district leaders, school leaders, to coaches, to teacher-leaders.

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for School Districts

The complete guide to developing more innovative educational leaders

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