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Resources for School Communities
in Times of Crisis

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We invite educators, parents, and leaders alike to view and share the resources below as a way to support your self, colleagues, and students.


Sadly many were tragically affected by the recent mass shootings. Hate crimes, harassment, and bullying have been on the rise nationally, and as educators we have the responsibility of having to address recent events with our students, with our colleagues, while at the same time, we may be looking for ways to process and educate ourselves.


There are many organizations that have already compiled strategies, research, and personal perspectives that we hope will help you. 


If you would like to add additional resources to this collection, or have caught a broken link, or would like to edit/update content of yours that has been shared, please contact us via



Who is it for?


For Teachers

Navigating Conversations, Addressing Difficult Topics, and Coping with Trauma

For Leaders

Leadership, Teams, & Culture

Providing Support

For Students

Activities to Process Emotions

For Families & Communities

Self Care Resources for Everyone 


Articles related to the recent shootings:

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