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How do you help us design the best personalized or blended learning model for our schools/ district?

Our consultants work closely with each school or district to develop an instructional model that meets your needs and will help you accomplish your goals. We use design-thinking and together develop models that make sense for each of our clients.

How are you different than other personalized learning organizations?

Education Elements is different because our approach is comprehensive - we work with district leaders to develop a vision and a plan and we work with school leaders to design new instructional models. We provide professional development through a capacity-building model. We also have a cloud-based platform to ensure the changes are sustainable. But what differentiates us the most from other organizations is that we have worked with more schools and districts to do personalized learning than anyone else.  We have deep expertise that starts with design thinking but carries through implementation. We make sure our schools succeed.

We bought PD from the device providers and content providers. How is your PD different?

Professional development from a device or content provider often focuses on the technology. At Education Elements, we focus our PD instead on the shifts in instructional practice that personalized learning requires. Our consultants are all former educators who understand what it is like to be a teacher, leader or coach and we have designed our professional development based on that understanding. To learn more about the types of support teachers need in a personalized learning environment, check out this white paper.

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What products does Education Elements sell?

In addition to our consulting services Education Elements has two products: Touchpoint and Highlight.  While Highlight is currently only available to districts who started using it in in SY15-16 or prior years, Touchpoint will be available beginning in January 2017 to districts that Education Elements is supporting with our consulting services.  We are incredibly excited about Touchpoint and look forward to being able to offer it to additional districts soon.

What is Touchpoint?

Touchpoint is a cloud-based system that helps districts and schools manage the organizational change and practice of personalized learning. It complements our consulting services by centralizing access to key project information and resources necessary for change - the roadmap, actions, progress metrics and resources. The entire experience is customized just for your district by members of the Education Elements staff.   

How does Touchpoint help district leaders? School leaders?

Touchpoint provides alignment around the initiative and helps to prioritize key actions. It provides a visual roadmap that outlines the meetings and milestones necessary to bring personalized learning to schools. It captures actions for each district and school team member - to help make clear what the shift to personalized learning looks like for each stakeholder. It also connects each person with guiding documents and exemplar resources from districts across the country who are also implementing personalized learning.

How do I learn more about Touchpoint?

To learn more about Touchpoint and how it supports our consulting services, contact info@edelements.com.     

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How much does the partnership with Education Elements cost?

You know what they say - the best things in life are free! There is currently no cost to partner with Education Elements. Want to learn more? Get in touch.

How do you recommend products when you have competing or similar products in your partner catalog?

We base our recommendations on the needs of each school or district. Depending on their use case and goals, we recommend the content providers that will best help increase student outcomes. Many of our district clients also layer digital content in their classrooms and use “competing” products side by side.  In those cases, our consultants design plans to ensure high fidelity implementation and make the best use of each content provider they use.

Do you resell our product?

No, we do not resell products nor do we take a commission from our partners.  As a trusted advisor to our district clients, we make recommendations and manage introductions.  Our partners work directly with districts to complete transactions.

How else do you help your partners?

Our partners have access to a variety of co-marketing opportunities through our partner program, such as newsletter spotlights, guest blog posts, Personalized Learning Summit participation, and more.  These marketing vehicles allow our partners to showcase their offerings and benefits to the leading districts across the country.


What are the prerequisites to partner with Education Elements?

We have to admit. We are pretty picky. To become our partner you need to have a strong pedagogy and proven success with increasing student outcomes.  You also need to focus on working at scale in districts and have a strong technological infrastructure. But don’t let this scare you. Reach out to learn more.  

How often you add new partners to your catalog? (ANS: twice a year; Apr for BTS, Oct for Mid-year launches)

We do two big launches a year - in April in preparation for our PL Summit, and in October in preparation for iNACOL. However, we start conversations all the time.

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Looks like most of the schools you work with are high poverty schools. Do you work with higher performing schools?

We work with a wide range of schools - both low and high-performing.  Personalized learning positively impacts all students, regardless of where they start, and helps them go farther, faster.  For low and high performing schools we see increases in both achievement and in engagement.

Do you only implement the rotational model?

While rotational models are often the starting point for districts transitioning to blended or personalized learning, we work with each school or district to design a model that works for them. Our design process includes school leadership and a thoughtful approach to making sure we recognize and meet the unique needs of each school. As a result, schools we work with use a range of instructional models. Education Elements has designed models for over 13 next generation learning schools across all grade levels.  We have designed for IB schools, for project-based learning, for flipped classrooms and for career-focused high schools. But not everyone is ready to jump in the deep end on day one. So we meet each school where they are - and start at the place that makes the most sense for them.

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