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Why I Joined the Ed Elements Team

By: Josue Falaise on July 19th, 2021

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Why I Joined the Ed Elements Team

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In my 22 years in the K-12 education profession, I have worked for, and led organizations that run the gamut - from those that are very process and compliance driven, to those that multiply and engage creativity. And yet, after experiencing, what some consider the ultimate freedom of being my own boss, I am excitedly joining the Education Elements team. 

Many years ago, I began my learning and leading in a hierarchical school system model where the superordinate manages the organization from the top down. In a number of cases, there were limitations to growing and the bureaucracy also known as “red tape” which limits how you can support our students and stakeholders. During the time in my career when I was a higher education administrator, I found there to be less bureaucracy and more freedom to navigate various systems of support. And, more recently, as a private business owner, I have little to no red tape on my end, even though I still have to navigate the process and protocols of my school and district clients; I have the freedom and flexibility to design creative and innovative products without limitations.   

Then I found Ed Elements.

Throughout my many conversations with the team, Ed Elements CEO, Anthony Kim continually displayed the values that I seek in others that I want to work with: honesty, transparency, and relationship. These are values that become clearer over time. And, I sensed it with each of the four people that I interviewed with. 

In fact, the Ed Elements interview process left an indelible mark on me. I have never experienced anything like it in any organization. A statement made by Anthony about the company’s non-negotiable stance on pay parity further stamped my desire to be with the company. He referred to the compromises that people of color (POC) and other underrepresented groups often tend to make when accepting salaries which further marginalize them, although they are fully capable of performing the roles equally or better than their dominant group counterparts. The Ed Elements team ensures that the salary playing field is leveled, so that people can focus on the work and relationships rather than a pay disparity. While every organization has its visible and invisible challenges that they must choose to address or sweep under the rug, Ed Elements has decided to be bold and address challenges head on, to highlight our strengths, and to be a model to the school districts and organizations that we serve.   

Regardless of my position - as a mentor, teacher administrator or business owner - my purpose has always been to lead and reach people with greater impact. Joining the Education Elements team is a refreshing move for me because I will be working alongside a highly skilled group of people with expertise across a number of areas. And, while I have my own skills that I bring to the team, I will be learning from everyone to help grow the impact to better serve our clients. High levels of implementation of the content and concepts learned is the greatest form of success in my book. 

My passion remains kindled for high expectations and results, and I am re-energized and excited to grow with the people, possibilities, and services at Ed Elements.

About Josue Falaise

Dr. Josue Falaise joins Education Elements as a Partner. Josue is a former Chief Academic Officer for Trenton NJ, Director at the Rutgers Graduate School of Education, and entrepreneur, who is unbelievably commited to educational equity.

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