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10 Reasons We’re Excited to Attend the Responsive Conference

10 Reasons We’re Excited to Attend the Responsive Conference

Innovative Leadership

This year, four of us from Education Elements (Megan Katie, Jill, and Keara) will be attending the Responsive Conference, September 13-14 at Zappo’s Headquarters in Las Vegas. We sat down with conference founder Robin Zander to lay out the top ten reasons why we are so excited for this year’s conference.

  1. To attend Dawn Sharifan’s session on Isolation at Work. As our team grows, I am always looking for ways to ensure people feel a sense of community at our company, especially those who work remotely. I can’t wait to learn directly from someone who works for one of my favorite anti-isolation tools- Slack! - Katie 
  2. To be at Zappo’s HQ. I first learned about Holacracy through Alexis Gonzales-Black and the work she led with Tony, John, and others at Zappos. I feel like we’re traveling to the motherland! - Keara
  3. To listen, learn, and engage with Brain Robertson, founder of Holacracy and author of a book on my “to-read list” - Holacracy: The New Management System for a Rapidly Changing World - Jill
  4. To learn from Maria Colacurio about Leadership, Parenthood, and Work. As we explore pay as a lever in becoming a more equitable company, I am curious about how this could work with more entrenched systems like school districts. - Megan
  5. To attend the Failure Night with some of the world's best culture and people leaders. I believe in celebrating failures and I enjoy learning and growing from them. - Jill
  6. To hear the brilliant Rajkumari Neogy. The work she leads on epigenetics and multigenerational trauma has had an incredible impact on the way I support teams and the conversations I have with our school and district partners. - Keara
  7. To network with leaders in other sectors. Sometimes we get focused only on education and forget to collaborate and learn from those working in other fields. - Jill
  8. To attend the pre-conference session with 15Five. I love the way they make connections between a growth mindset, strengths-based management, and radical candor and can’t wait to join my first training with this group. - Keara
  9. To attend the Ally Skills workshop and explore protocols and practices we can incorporate internally and with school and district partners. - Megan
  10. To be a resource hunter for our districts. Each year I attend Responsive Conference, I find more than a few golden nuggets - activities, frameworks, and books - that I know will support our district partners to achieve their goals. - Keara

If you’re interested in joining us, there’s good news! There are still tickets available here. Education Elements can provide a discount code to our school and district partners. And for those of you who can’t attend, check back on the BYOT blog for resources and sharings in September!

Looking for more opportunities to deepen your learning? Check out the Leadership Institute series taking place this fall, with topics like team habits, teacher retention, strategic planning, innovative leadership, and more.


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