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The latest on all student-centered models, leadership development, strategic planning, teacher retention, and all things innovation in K-12 education. We answer questions before you think to ask them.

Josue Falaise

Dr. Josue Falaise joins Education Elements as a Partner. Josue is a former Chief Academic Officer for Trenton NJ, Director at the Rutgers Graduate School of Education, and entrepreneur, who is unbelievably commited to educational equity.

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How to Prioritize Relationships to Retain Educators For Equity

Hiring is often perceived as a heavy lift; and retaining and engaging great educators is proving to be a challenge. And, while administrators are focused on how to handle the needs and matters for all students, there is a tendency to forget and even overlook the needs of the staff. But truly supporting staff - and understanding their unique needs is critical to increase engagement, retention, and to effectively model how we can best support our students.

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How Leaders Can Prioritize Hiring For Equity In This Moment

As a 25 year veteran in education leadership, I can't remember when hiring has never not been a thing. Every year brings sometimes significant turnover in teaching staff, and leaders come and go as superintendencies shift. But as is true in so many other domains, this year is markedly different. In January 2021, school leaders across the country were hopeful that the pandemic would have been entirely behind us. And by July 2021 with the rates of people contracting COVID-19, the new Delta and Lambda variants, the reality is that COVID is most certainly not behind us. With the increased responsibilities for educators brought on by the pandemic and health concerns, there has been a rise in retirements, resignations and vacancy postings. And as is also so often the case in education, the classrooms and schools that are impacted the most are those that are historically highest in need, serving our most vulnerable student populations.

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Education Elements  |  Equity  |  Teams & Culture

Why I Joined the Ed Elements Team

In my 22 years in the K-12 education profession, I have worked for, and led organizations that run the gamut - from those that are very process and compliance driven, to those that multiply and engage creativity. And yet, after experiencing, what some consider the ultimate freedom of being my own boss, I am excitedly joining the Education Elements team.

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