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Personalized Learning Summit 2017 - Resources

Free food for thought. Enjoy the session materials!

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 Time to Get Agile

PL Leads: The Missing Links

 The Role of Collaborative Tech. & Data Analytics in Networked Improvement Communities  

Learner Centered Education: It’s a Paradign Shift

We All Need Each Other to Personalize   From Traditional to Data Driven
 The Personalized Learning Force Awakens Mapping Mastery - Building Capacity for Personalized Learning 

Even When School is Cancelled, Personalized Learning Never Stops:
One State’s Story 

Voice and Choice:  Using Interactive Playlists and Choice Boards in a Blended Learning Environment

Fostering Student Ownership  Master Planning for Innovation 
 The Lyceum Classroom 2010 Project  Know Your Audience:  Design for Educators  

A National and Global Perspective on Personalized Learning and Competency-Based Education Systems

 Running Rigorous Evaluations in Personalized Learning

Educator Micro-credentials

Equity= Meaningful Change for Children 

Cross-Pollinating to Scale Up Personalized Learning How our district is “Powering Up” PL   

May the PL Force Be with You: Become a PL Jedi Master

Personalizing Professional Learning with Badges #HSCBadges 

 Beyond Reform: Systemic Shifts to Personalized Learning 

 Graphic Facilitation  Tweet Tweet- Host Your Next PLC on Twitter

Engaging Facilitation : Tips and Tricks

 Racine Unified School District video and case study Horry County Schools video and case study

Uinta County School District 1 video and case study

Loudoun County Public Schools video and case study  

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