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We approach each district partnership with the mindset that while we can share what has worked elsewhere, we must seek to understand the current culture and context of each district and school. We honor the goals, priorities, and vision of every leader with whom we work, and we help them to hone, articulate, and make those visions a reality.

Our team leads with equity and leverages deep expertise, design thinking, expert facilitation, a spirit of collaboration, and our extensive toolkit of resources and technology to deliver sustainable results.

“Working with Education Elements, the big piece for us, is they are helping us with a national lens. It’s very easy to do the work when you’re looking at your own work. But we need someone else to look at what else is going on in the world and the country.”
Scott Feder 2
Scott Feder
South Brunswick School District, NJ
“Ed Elements guided our leadership team through the process of creating a model for all of our schools and have continued to support our staff with valuable professional development.”
Matt Akin, Ed.D
Former Superintendent
Piedmont City Schools, AL
“Ed Elements’ honesty and their ability to help us map out a plan was what we really needed. They’re able to really challenge us to think outside the box and move further.”
Rosalie Daca
Rosalie Daca
Chief Academic Officer
Racine Unified School District, WI


instructional design and implementation 1

Instructional Design & Implementation

K-12 instructional design is an iterative process. To achieve the best student outcomes, districts must rigorously improve their instruction to meet student needs.

Education Elements can help you identify your district’s biggest instructional challenges and create a student-centered approach to solving them. We provide coaching, support, and facilitated experiences to create meaningful change in instructional practice.

We’ll help your team build the necessary skills to implement instructional shifts, continually reassess instructional practice, and update your approach based on changing needs. Our work is grounded in evidence-based practices that have demonstrable impact on student and teacher success.

Personalized and Blended Learning

This instructional approach empowers students to take ownership of their learning and get the instruction they need, when and how they need it.

We’ll work with your district to develop and articulate a vision and strategy for personalized learning and/or blended learning, and support its implementation through high-quality professional development for teachers and leaders.

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School Transformation

School transformation is the process of building (or rebuilding) school structures around the needs of students and communities. This includes school design, restart, and school improvement.

We can help your district develop the systems and vision for a new school or program, or rethink and redesign an existing one.

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Organizational Strategy

Before you can solve a complex problem, you need to understand the root causes — and sometimes, that process is just as challenging as the problem solving itself. That’s where our education strategy consulting comes in.

Education Elements builds winning strategies through community and staff engagement. We identify core challenges, discover new possibilities with human-centered design, and ensure successful implementation through responsive planning. We’ll help your team establish priorities, sort through options, and align on an effective approach.

Strategic Planning

Whether your district needs to create a new strategic plan or implement and monitor an existing one, we can help. Working closely with your team, we’ll craft a strategic plan that builds unity in your community, fosters alignment, and is a catalyst for transformational change.

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Talent Strategy

Retaining top talent is an enormous challenge in education. The current climate has led to increased burnout and high rates of exit among educators. While the challenge is great, we can help your district support and grow the incredible talent you have — and make your district the destination for new talent.

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leadership strategy 1

Leadership Strategy

Leadership is an art, and every artist needs time and discipline to hone their craft. Like any specialist, educational leaders need the opportunity to gain skills and build habits that will help them implement lasting change in their districts.

At Education Elements, we take a systems approach to educational leadership development, leveraging both individual and team learning to inspire innovative leadership and help new leaders emerge.

Organizational Leadership to Support District Operations

We work with states to support district teams, increasing alignment and collaboration.

District teams benefit from support in implementing components of a strategic plan, monitoring progress of initiatives, utilizing funding to strategically support programs, and building practices to bring district and statewide initiatives to life.

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Leading Change Through Teams

By building your leadership capacity, you will establish the foundation needed to support teachers and leaders to more fully design, implement, and sustain innovation in their classrooms and work.

Your team will realize a shared vision and learn how to drive equitable outcomes across diverse and complex learning organizations.

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Data and Insights 1

Surveys & Analytics

Today, many school districts struggle with DRIP syndrome: they are Data Rich and Information Poor. Some may collect data to check a box, others may be inconsistent, or organize the data in silos.

At Education Elements, we help you evaluate your current data culture to help you make more informed and more equitable decisions about how to improve educational experiences and outcomes for all students. We can support you to develop new systems and mindsets around data, elevate student voice and agency through evidence-based data collection, monitor and improve instructional effectiveness, and measure progress towards district strategic plan and school improvement goals.

Student & Families Surveys

We believe that highlighting student voice can create positive change in districts. Through our student surveys, you can gather students’ perspectives about teaching practices, student engagement and mindsets, peer support, SEL, school climate, diversity, equity, and inclusion. Family and community voice via our Family Surveys provide input from parents and guardians about school climate, diversity, equity, and inclusion, parent satisfaction, barriers to family engagement as well as other key indicators.

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Teacher & Staff Surveys

Whether you’re rolling out a new initiative, or trying to gauge how to support your teachers, our teacher surveys capture information about school quality, climate and teacher perceptions of instructional leadership and can gather feedback from beginning teachers about key challenges they are experiencing to support retention.

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The 5 Dimensions of Your Teachers’ and Staff’s Well-Being

The 5 Dimensions of Your Teachers’ and Staff’s Well-Being

Teachers and district staff are leaving their jobs at alarming rates. Recent studies show that an important factor in the decision to stay or leave is employee well-being.
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A Comprehensive List of Our Services

Instructional Design and Implementation

  • Personalized and Blended Learning
  • School Transformation
  • Instructional Capacity Building
  • School Redesign
  • Hybrid + Virtual School Support

Organizational Strategy

  • Strategic Planning
  • Curriculum Strategy and Support
  • Talent Strategy
  • Equity Action Plan
  • New Leader Strategy
  • Problem of Practice Strategy
  • Community Engagement
  • Data Culture

Leadership Strategy

  • Organizational Leadership and District Operations
  • Leading Change through Teams
  • Recruiting and Developing Leaders
  • Responsive Leadership Series
  • Talent Recruitment & Retention
  • Equity Leadership Series
  • Learning Courses: Building Habits and Mindsets of Effective Instructional Coaches
  • Learning Courses: Essential Skills for Leading Learning

Surveys & Analytics

  • Student & Families Surveys
  • Teachers & Staff Surveys
  • System-Level Progress Monitoring Surveys

Our Commitment to Equity

We believe that cultivating and maintaining an inclusive work environment where every individual can be themselves is essential to engaging in rigorous work with our educational partners. Learn more about our commitment to equity on our About Us page.

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