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Teacher & Staff

We support school districts in collecting and analyzing student, teacher and staff, and family perspectives.

Capture information about school quality, climate and teacher perceptions of instructional leadership and key challenges they are experiencing
to support retention.

Unlock the Value of Student, Teacher, and Family Voice with Tripod Surveys

Tripod is a suite of surveys exclusively provided by Education Elements. We provide research-validated insights shown to be highly effective in improving school climate, student outcomes, and professional learning. And, we pair our surveys with highly customized services designed to help leaders interpret and act on their data, & drive tangible, positive change.

  • Rooted in Educational Equity. Tripod surveys were first administered as part of a school-based initiative focused on raising achievement for all students while reducing the achievement gap. Tripod surveys include measures to capture student perceptions of diversity, equity, and inclusion.
  • Validated by Research. Many research studies have highlighted the reliability and validity of data collected with Tripod surveys, including the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation’s Measure of Effective Teaching (MET) Project, which used Tripod surveys as on of its key metrics.
  • Actionable. Our student surveys use millions of student responses across nearly 250,000 classrooms to benchmark and calibration results. Survey responses are analyzed and presented in user-friendly, online reports designed for teachers, school leaders, and district personnel. Reports highlight areas of strength and opportunities for improvement, so teachers can quickly gauge where to focus attention.

Gather Staff & Teacher Perspectives

Whether you’re rolling out a new initiative, or trying to gauge how to support your teachers, our teacher surveys capture information about school quality, climate and teacher perceptions of instructional leadership and can gather feedback from beginning teachers about key challenges they are experiencing to support retention.


Teacher and Staff Social and Emotional Competency Survey

Tripod’s Social and Emotional Beliefs Survey for School Staff enables school leaders to assess and monitor the social and emotional strengths and weaknesses of school staff and their perceptions of a school’s SEL culture. This data is important because socially and emotionally competent teachers who are comfortable and committed to SEL are better able to teach, model, and reinforce student competencies as well as offer the kind of social support and academic press necessary to foster SEL. Social and emotional competence and comfort with SEL has also been shown to protect teachers from burnout, an important predictor of teacher turnover.

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Teacher and Staff Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Survey

The Tripod DEI teacher and staff survey is designed to capture teacher and staff perceptions of the diversity, equity and inclusion culture within their school or district. Specifically, the survey measures perceptions of: 1) school commitment to DEI, 2) school climate in general and specific to DEI, 3) integration of DEI into the classroom and 4) everyday discrimination, and 5) meaningful interactions between social identity groups. t. Schools and districts use this data to get a clearer picture of how diversity, equity, and inclusion impact different groups of teachers and staff. Data can help inform school or district wide DEI improvement initiatives or strategic planning. School and district administrators are able to disaggregate data and results by social identities and target improvement.

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Beginning Teacher Survey

Tripod’s Surveys for Beginning Teachers assess the experience of beginning teachers across the school year. The domains captured correspond to factors that peer-reviewed research has linked to classroom effectiveness, job satisfaction, and commitment to the profession and include: Perceived areas of needed assistance, Classroom management, Stress and anxiety, School climate, Time management ,Targeted supports, Perceived areas of competence, Professional growth, Growth orientation. Results can assist school and district leaders in retaining quality teachers and optimizing professional learning opportunities.

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Standard Teacher Survey

Tripod’s Standard Teacher Survey collects feedback from teachers about their experiences as teachers and perspectives about strengths and opportunities for improvement. Information is gathered on teacher perceptions of school quality, including a school’s instructional climate, and leadership.This data can inform school improvement initiatives, strategic planning, and principal evaluations.

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Strategic Planning Survey

The Tripod Strategic Planning Survey allows districts to collect baseline data across six key domains: Curriculum & Instruction, Climate & Responsive Culture, Access & Communication, Belonging, Student Performance, and Wellness. This data is used alongside qualitative data collection (through focus groups and empathy interviews) to elevate core needs of the district and inform key priorities for their strategic plan. This survey is part of our comprehensive Strategic Planning process and can also be used to measure implementation progress of your Strategic Plan.

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