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You Want to Accomplish Great Things in Your District

Let's Chat About How We Can Help

How are we different than other education consulting companies?

We are a team of seasoned educators, designers, technologists, and change management experts who understand public schools. We take the time to understand the unique challenges school leaders face, and then customize the Education Elements approach for each district. We take a unique approach to helping school districts achieve their goals by supporting them to build a thriving, learning organization. We use and apply responsive practices and tools – across classrooms, leaders, teams, and organizations – to better meet student needs. We help districts thrive in the face of uncertainty, operate effectively, and become active learners and contributors.

We are experts in student-centered learning, school design and redesign, leadership development, strategic planning, and change management. We help school and district leaders refresh and restructure how their academic, operational, and technical teams work together to support students and teachers.

We bring deep expertise, design thinking, expert facilitation, and the spirit of collaboration with our extensive toolkit of resources and technology to deliver sustainable results. 

Year after year, districts see improvements in student achievement and engagement

We asked districts we work with to reflect on the work we’ve accomplished with them and we heard that responsive practices have a large, positive impact. Across the districts we work with, 94% of district leaders see teachers innovate more often and 87% say they believe team meetings and collaboration are more effective. Leaders say they are seeing progress in their districts - 85% say our work has had a positive impact on teaching and learning and 88% think our work has had a positive impact on leadership at their organization. 

Education Elements has worked with over 200 districts and 950 schools in 38 states (and DC!), reaching more than 780,000 students. Our districts are as far apart as Georgia to Alaska with sizes ranging from under 600 students to over 100,000 students.

We support you in reaching your goals and achieving your strategic plan

Education Elements works with districts to build and support dynamic school systems that meet the needs of every learner, today and tomorrow.  While best known for personalized learning, we support districts in many ways. We support responsive, student-centered classrooms by helping develop responsive leaders, teams, and organizations, and providing the tools to support change at all levels. We support school districts in a variety of ways, with proven methodologies and customized approaches:

Responsive Classrooms: We help schools and districts design and implement engaging, relevant, student-centered classrooms to meet the needs of all students.

Responsive Leaders: We help district leaders, school leaders, coaches, and teacher leaders deepen their knowledge and skills in core innovative leadership competencies.

Responsive Teams: We help districts build better teams and implement habits for strong team collaboration, decision-making, meetings, and projects in order to achieve their goals.

Responsive Organizations: We help districts build and implement inclusive, responsive, and effective systems and structures to better serve their students and communities.

Responsive Tools: We help school sand districts design and use tools in a way that is aligned with their priorities and the specific needs and goals of their stakeholders.

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