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Highlight, our personalized learning platform

By: Justin DeLeon on September 7th, 2015

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Highlight, our personalized learning platform

Personalized Learning  |  Digital Content



Personalized Learning is coming to life in innovative classrooms across the country and Highlight is here to help. Whether you need easy access to digital content, a more efficient way to analyze student data or a district wide perspective on content usage, Highlight can help.  

For the 2015-2016 school year we have a revamped Student LaunchPad, a brand new teacher experience and dashboards for school and district leaders. Keep on reading to see some of the new features this year.

Student LaunchPad | Students can access digital content, tools and web resources, from one place with a single click. 

Launchpad - Personalized Learning Platform Highlight 

Insights for Teachers | Highlight automatically recognizes patterns in student performance, saving teachers time and making it easier to adjust the learning experience.

Insight for teachers - Personalized Learning Platform Highlight 

Activity and Usage Reports | Teachers can review class progress toward goals and see trends in performance over time.

Activity and usage report - personalized learning platform highlight

School and District Leader Dashboard | Leaders can view digital content data across all schools and classrooms.  This data can help to maximize product usage and minimize wasted licenses.

School and district leader  dashboard - personalized learning platform education elements 

Let us know if Highlight can help you to personalize learning in your classroom, school or district.  Drop us a line at info@edelements.com or check out our Highlight page to learn more.

Are you a digital content provider that drives student outcomes? Do you want to partner with us? Let's talk!


More about Highlight: http://gettingsmart.com/2015/07/personalized-learning-for-every-student-with-highlight/


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