Strategic Consulting

  • District Roll-out Strategy

    Education Elements works with districts that are on the cutting edge and ready to transform their districts. We address a range of challenges including how to implement personalized learning, how to increase achievement, how to implement 1:1 devices and how to transition to Common Core. We work with districts to consider multiple approaches to scale, and help determine the best fit for each district because we know each district is unique. We have worked with districts across the country, including Race to the Top 2012 and NGLC winners.

  • Grant Support

    Our team has helped districts to win grants ranging from NGLC Launch and Planning grants to the 2012 RTTD competition. We work closely with districts and schools to create a competitive and compelling grant application, with a focus on also ensuring that the plans are achievable.

    Our grant support services range from providing feedback on an application to writing an application to developing a personalized model in response to an RFP.

Capacity Building

  • Foundational Workshops

    In order to ensure that the right foundations are in place for a successful blended learning launch, Education Elements works with district leaders to introduce personalized learning across the district to key stakeholders through a cascading approach.

    Using our Personalized Learning Academy as a foundation, our consultants build the capacity of district leaders, school leaders, coaches and teachers through highly interactive workshops designed to educate, excite and engage and 1:1 interactions. Our goal is to transfer knowledge and skills to districts.

  • Coaching and Expertise

    Education Elements recognizes that your team knows your people the best. Districts who are successful in implementing personalized learning strategies using technology are successful by building capacity within the district to sustain support for the schools. But as technology changes rapidly, it’s challenging for any district to keep up with all the different choices.

    Education Elements can provide real value as a partner to you as you try to keep up, or get ahead, of trends in education technology. We keep track and analyze different technologies constantly, continuously improve our process methodologies to make them efficient and highly scalable, and have the depth and breadth of experience from being the largest product and services organization focused on helping district implement personalized learning models.

Plan & Design

Readiness Assessment

We know that being “ready” to personalize learning takes a lot and want schools to launch personalized learning programs knowing that they are completely prepared. Schools need to consider everything from the infrastructure to the hardware to the school culture and beyond.

We conduct Readiness Assessments at the start of all of our engagements to help identify the challenges and gaps that need to be addressed, and the skills to build on. Our Readiness Assessments include surveys, interviews and site visits. At the end, we provide the district with a final summary presentation as well as individual school site reports. Districts and schools tell us that the comprehensive reports we deliver are an invaluable starting point and help them surface key issues and challenges early enough to resolve them.

Digital Curricula

  • There are hundreds of options for digital content out there (see the EE/NSVF edtech market map here), and selecting the right content for the right students at the right time is a complicated process. Our team of content experts is comprised of former classroom teachers who have evaluated hundreds of options so that they can help you select the right content for your students.

    Our team works with district and school leaders to provide a framework for using digital content to support your personalized learning initiative based on your overall vision and academic goals. Education Elements will guide leaders through a process of refining their goals for digital content, evaluating their current usage, and updating their digital content portfolio. Our stand-alone digital content selection process assumes that the district and/or schools have already gone through a process of understanding how technology will impact the instructional delivery model in the classroom, such as defining their blended learning model.

  • EE/NSVF edtech market map

Model Design

From the moment you decide to personalize learning for students Education Elements can help. Education Elements works with district and school leaders to design the overall vision, goals, and blended learning instructional model that schools will implement. Based on our experience working with over 100 schools across the country, Education Elements helps each school design the model that will work best for its students and teachers and help it to achieve its goals.

  • Two-Group Rotations

  • Whole group w/pullout

  • Whole group to Small Group

  • Class-wide Small Groups

  • Three Centers

Our approach is highly collaborative and based on design thinking. Through a series of conversations, our team will work with your leadership to set goals, identify needs, develop blended learning priorities and design the right instructional model. We provide schools with an instructional model, classroom layouts, digital content, staffing and hardware ratio recommendations.

Our consultants are former educators, administrators and change management experts and will work with you on every step of the process – from the idea to its successful launch and implementation.

Professional Development

  • We know that as you get ready to launch personalized learning, and as you continue to implement it, one of the most important things you can do is prepare and support your teachers. In fact, the success of your initiative depends on it.

    Education Elements’ Professional Development was designed by teachers and PD coaches to build the capacity of district and school level leadership to educate, support and encourage teachers as they develop new competencies and shift some of the ways they use instructional time. Starting with the Personalized Learning Academy, which brings district and school practitioners together, we developed a series of workshops where leadership from schools across the country learn together, a set of online modules which schools can access and both on-site and virtual customized sessions. We provide leadership with blended learning rubrics and tools to support the teachers in their schools.

Our Platform

Our technology Platform Application pulls it all together, offering schools a streamlined platform that includes a student-friendly interface for instructional content, a teacher dashboard that makes it easy to monitor student progress, and simple administrator setup.

Our Platform