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Strategies to Celebrate Virtual Teacher Appreciation Week

Strategies to Celebrate Virtual Teacher Appreciation Week

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Teachers have a tremendous impact on the learning and lives of their students and communities, and planning a unique and powerful teacher appreciation week is one way to celebrate their incredible contributions. School and district leaders can use the strategies below as a starting point to plan meaningful ways to recognize all that they do, every day.

Tips for choosing the right strategies: 

  • Find a way to gather data from your teams about what would make them feel the most appreciated--this could be as simple as a survey asking teachers directly or a brainstorming session with leaders who know your teachers the best. 

  • Get insights from your larger community to leverage their strengths and expertise--This is a great way to tap into the resources you already have to show appreciation to your teachers! 

  • Beyond Teacher Appreciation Week, consider how you will continue to plan opportunities to provide support, recognition, and positive experiences for your teachers and broader school community.

Download our guide with Tips and Strategies for Virtual Teacher Appreciation

Each of the virtual teacher appreciation week strategies falls into one or more of the following buckets: Support, Recognition, Experiences, and/or Community Involvement. 

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Check out our guide with some of our favorite strategies that we hope will inspire you to celebrate your teachers virtually. Share with us and the online community the creative ways you are celebrating your teachers on Twitter and tag @EdElements.

We are hosting an upcoming virtual happy hour for teachers on - share with the teachers on your team to provide an opportunity for some joy on the job! 

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