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Is Marketing Your School District a Thing? Part 1: Branding

Is Marketing Your School District a Thing? Part 1: Branding

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It is important for schools and districts to remember that in our ever-evolving world, they now need to compete for students, administrative and teaching talents, and community perception. Like other competitive organizations, schools need to set themselves apart from other schools in the country.

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They need to be efficient, get good results, attract teachers with good team culture, gear up students for a successful today and tomorrow… and the list goes on. But how can they share the accomplishments and amazing culture with the people who should be seeing it? The answer is branding!

Beyond the business world, branding is just as important in the education field, because your school or district has a story to tell. In this post, I’ll explain what branding is, what makes effective branding, and its importance for schools and districts.

But first, let’s start with a very quick review of what branding is and what it is not.

What branding is not

  • It’s not a quick promotional effort

  • It’s not a limited campaign or an event

  • It’s not a logo, a mascot or a set of colors

  • It’s not a Twitter and/or Facebook account

What branding is

Branding is the opportunity to tell the story of your school or district to the community and constituencies you serve. “It’s the tangible and intangible presentation of who you are.” (Building your school brand) The tangible part of it is obvious: what you do and how people see it. The intangible part is a little trickier to define; it is what people feel about what you say and do! So branding is not simply about identifying something or recognizing it visually, it’s also about connecting to people’s feelings.

What can branding do for you?

You must be wondering, “What would this bring to me or my school or district? Why do I have to care about branding?”

Actually, branding is a very important component of your connection to your community, parents, students, and future students. Here are just some of the things you can accomplish with effective branding:

  • Create a strong, appealing identity for your school or district

  • Promote your district’s story, mission, and the amazing work that takes place in your schools

  • Establish a positive image

  • Provide timely information to your community

  • Attract more qualified candidates, with the desired mindset, to work at your district and schools

What does effective school branding look like?

Effective branding helps you connect with families and your community in a fun and exciting way. It is also a symbol that instills trust and confidence. Being recognizable, it creates professionalism in all communications, but that’s not all. Effective branding also:

  • Expresses what your school stands for and presents value to the community

  • Articulates to stakeholders what to expect from your school or district. This promise not only builds precious support but also invaluable relationships

  • Keeps you focused on your mission, vision, and values related to your work, to ensure the success of all students

  • Build relationships with key stakeholders by reaching your community at an emotional level. There is no better way to do this than consistently sharing ways that you are making a positive difference in the life of kids (and teachers) each day

Educators work extremely hard, and the results of your work need to be shared. Schools need to move beyond typical mascots, static websites, and predictable taglines to showcase a school's unique assets. Times have changed, and paradigms too. Rather than being seen as an extravagance, marketing is now a way for schools and districts to engage citizens and ensure they feel heard. Storytelling is a core part of how we can showcase our institution’s personality, work and, results. Check out part 2 to learn more about storytelling or part 3 to learn more about social media.


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About Yosr Najjar - Guest Author

Yosr Najjar is Marketing Director at Education Elements. She has been working in marketing since 2009 when she got her master's degree in Business & Marketing. Passionate about branding, multilingual, and a world traveler, she served as marketing manager at the international Ogilvy & Mather network where she led marketing and communication efforts for multinational brands in the MEENA region. After 6 years supporting various tech, finance and CPG brands, driven by her passion for education, Yosr joined Education Elements in 2015. Yosr has an 11 year track record in defining, managing and launching innovative marketing campaigns across offline and online channels for large and small, local and international brands. In the past few years, Yosr has translated these experiences into building the marketing function and team at Education Elements, and has been supporting districts in telling their stories and showcasing their work through videos, events, and case studies.

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