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Elements of Change Podcast: A New Way to Hear From Education Leaders

Elements of Change Podcast: A New Way to Hear From Education Leaders

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The Education Elements team logs thousands of hours on the road through snow storms and hurricanes, mechanical issues, and flight delays. We travel across the country (and around the world) to work with amazing school and district leaders. Because  of our nomadic lifestyle, we get a lot of questions. “How many rewards points do you have?” “How do you stay fit?” And the dreaded, “Do you know what time zone you’re in?”

Wherever we are and however we get there, we are always impressed with leaders’ willingness to dig in, find new ways to support their communities, and share the challenges they face. As we problem solve with schools and districts, another question often arises, “What have other districts done to solve this same problem?”

The truth is we are fortunate to work with thousands of leaders in hundreds of districts who are implementing innovative solutions to age-old education challenges. There is a ton of power in our Education Elements community, and we wanted a way to share insights and learnings broadly. So, we’re launching a new podcast called Elements of Change, to bring you stories from education leaders for education leaders about making transformational change in schools and districts.

In our inaugural episode, we sit down with our own Anthony Kim, founder and CEO of Education Elements, to discuss his new book - co-authored with Alexis Gonzalez-Black, The NEW School Rules: 6 Vital Practices for Thriving and Responsive Schools. In this episode, Anthony talks about his experiences working with talented leaders who find themselves struggling to optimize their team’s potential. In their book, Anthony and Alexis explore practical rules and practices we can exercise to ensure that teams are able to work in ways that move them closer to, instead of hold them back from, achieving their goals for student achievement.

While you won’t be able to see Anthony’s sweet dance moves in this medium, you’ll definitely be able to hear his insights and lessons learned from the thousands of miles he travels each year. You will discover first-hand what inspired Anthony to become a thought-leader in this space as he pulls back the curtain to talk about how he approaches his role at Education Elements, supporting districts, and as a national thought leader.

Grab your double shot soy latte, pop in your earbuds, and tune in to Elements of Change.


You can find Anthony on Twitter @anthonx, or follow @6NewSchoolRules!


You can also subscribe to Elements of Change below to get new episodes on your favorite listening platform. 

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Be sure to check out the other episodes, and let us know what you think in the comments below or Tweet us @EdElements!


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About Andrea Goetchius

Andrea Goetchius is an Associate Partner at Education Elements, working with schools and districts to best meet the needs of all learners. Andrea enjoys collaborating with and connecting clients across the country to leverage a community of innovation as schools embark on a personalized learning path. Andrea began her career as a Special Education Teacher in Glendale, Arizona. During her time in the classroom, she coached and supported student teachers and led staff development. Andrea then worked for Teach For America as a Manager of Teacher Leadership Development where she coached and supported teachers to match their strengths and skills with the needs of their students. She has coached in pre-school to twelfth-grade classrooms with a focus on implementing Culturally Responsive Pedagogy in the classroom. In her current role, Andrea specializes in projects that bring personalized learning to scale across districts, regional centers, and state entities. She is passionate about the development of innovative leaders.

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