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The latest on personalized learning, blended learning, CBE and all things innovation in K-12 education. We answer questions before you think to ask them.

Andrea Goetchius

Andrea is a former special education teacher & coach. She loves cooking and re-reading the Harry Potter series.

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A Case for Culturally Responsive Pedagogy in Classrooms

If recent Halloweens have taught us anything aside from the absurd amount of money spent on candy for one day, it's that those involved in child rearing must address cultural sensitivity. The young white boy who wanted to dress as a Polynesian hero named Maui or the young white girl who wanted to dress as Princess Jasmine are caught in the middle of a debate on what is acceptable. Princesses and heroes that represent all races are important, but what does this discourse look like in the classroom? Left unaddressed, bias can lead to lasting harm. Consider this story shared by parents that I recently overheard at a dinner party.

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Elements of Change Podcast: A New Way to Hear From Education Leaders

The Education Elements team logs thousands of hours on the road through snow storms and hurricanes, mechanical issues, and flight delays. We travel across the country (and around the world) to work with amazing school and district leaders. Because  of our nomadic lifestyle, we get a lot of questions. “How many rewards points do you have?” “How do you stay fit?” And the dreaded, “Do you know what time zone you’re in?”

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Stop! Collaborate and Listen... to Enhance Personalized Learning

The world of work is changing. As we integrate into a global community, we’re tasked to work together to solve complex problems. Our solutions can be innovative and represent multiple perspectives if we know how to maximize group work. With so many benefits to a collaborative environment, why is it so challenging? Through my work as a classroom teacher and now as an education consultant, I have noticed a few common barriers to collaboration and identified ways that school district leaders and classroom teachers can overcome them.

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Overcoming "Otherism": Thoughts on Race and Cultural Differences in the Classroom

My mother’s first language is Spanish. As the daughter of an immigrant, I grew up living a life nuanced in foreign customs and cultures. Not that these nuances felt foreign to me: it was just “life” in my home. Plus, I had the privilege of living in communities that saw my family as vibrant, exciting and beautiful — not foreign or unwanted. It is because of my mixed background that I have always been intrigued by the different value sets that drive us. As I grew older, I realized that not everyone looks at cultural differences as assets; some view them as a threat. This realization became a driver for me to enter education as a Special Education Teacher.

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