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Our ultimate resource guides have been written by experts to provide you with everything you need to know about personalized learning, change management, K-12 team management and development, and more.

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Instructional Design & Implementation

Our instructional design & implementation guides provide you with research, comprehensive frameworks, and tools to support you on your personalized learning, instructional materials, or classroom improvement journey.

A Comprehensive Personalized Learning Guide

This guide is a curated set of resources and literature about how personalized learning is most effectively applied in K-12 settings.

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DEI & Personalized Learning Interactive Guide

This self-paced, interactive guide coaches district and school leaders on how to create a successful personalized learning environment, guided by diversity, equity, and inclusion.
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Instructional Coaching Guide

This guide shares key characteristics of instructional coaching and how to to kick off an instructional coaching program for your school or district.

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Technology in the Classroom Guide

This guide provides you everything you need to know about selecting, implementing and leveraging educational technology for successful outcomes 

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Virtual & Distance Learning Guide

Get guidance on how to minimize learning loss, deepen your practice, provide support to your team around instruction, and center on equity in your approaches.

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School Improvement & Transformation

At Education Elements, we believe that there are many things to focus on as part of school improvement - but ultimately they all focus on leadership and learning.

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Organizational Strategy

Leading big shifts across an organization requires planning, pivots, and a solid organizational strategy. Our organizational strategy guides provide extensive practices, solutions, tools, and examples to support you in your next big organizational shift.

A Comprehensive Strategic Planning Guide

This guide shares to develop and monitor a responsive strategic plan for your districts and examples to get inspired.

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A Teacher Retention Guide

This guide shares how to design more equitable recruitment and retention practices and systems, and take the initial steps to improve your district's processes.

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A Comprehensive Guide to HQIM

This guide shares key practices and outcomes for establishing a shared instructional vision, selecting high quality instructional materials, and prioritizing professional learning for educators.

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Leadership Strategy

Leadership is an art, and every artist needs time and discipline to hone their craft.  Our ultimate guides provide you with a robust understanding of how you can become a more innovative leader and help other leaders emerge.

Innovative Leadership Development Guide

A complete guide to the key innovative leader competencies and how to implement innovative leadership development across all levels in your school district.

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Responsive School and District Leaders Guide

A comprehensive guide on how to become responsive school and district leaders equipped with the skills and habits they will need to manage complex systems through changing times.

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Surveys & Analytics

Our comprehensive surveys and analytics guides help you make more informed and more equitable decisions about how to improve educational experiences and outcomes for all students. These guides provide you with new systems and mindset around data, student voice, instructional effectiveness and progress monitoring.

A Data Culture Guide

This guide shares key elements of improving data culture in your school district that lead to more informed and more equitable decision-making for all students.

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The Ultimate Guide to Student & Teacher Surveys

This comprehensive guide shares the key elements of student, teacher, family, and community surveys to support your district's initiatives and decision-making.

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