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The Top 7 Education Conferences That Weren’t on Your Radar

By: Ben Politzer on January 8th, 2020

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The Top 7 Education Conferences That Weren’t on Your Radar

EE Summit

The best conferences are generally those that expand your thinking, reframe a current problem, provide practical recommendations, and encourage networking. At Education Elements, we not only attend conferences on a regular basis to expand our thinking, but we also keynote, and host our own regional and national events as well as our Summit in May – all of which get outstanding reviews. That makes us a bit of an expert on which conferences rise to the top. 

This list is not a review of the top, largest education conferences - those with large exhibitor halls that host the same people year after year. No, consider this is a list for education leaders interested in cultural, organizational, or instructional transformation. If that sounds like you - think about trying something other than the big education conferences and, consider any one of the following events:

  • Southwest Airlines Culture Connection - Hosted by Southwest Airlines annually in October, this event showcases the learnings of the airline, including their approaches to recruitment and celebrations and onboarding.
  • The Center for Transformative Teaching and Learning Conference - A week-long summer conference, this event takes a deep dive into the science of learning, and it’s applications for instruction and leadership.
  • Design Thinking Workshops, Harvard Extension - Offered throughout the year, this course is an introduction to design thinking. This course is open to non-educators, so you will be exploring ideas you bring and examples from other industries.
  • The Responsive Org Conference - Taking place in October this year, this conference is what they call “an exploration on the future of work.” Dig deep into organizational design and human development.
  • National Summit for Courageous Conversations Summit - dedicated equity leaders engage in a deepened dialogue about race, systemic racism and its impact on the opportunity to achieve in every sector of life. The NSCC is uniquely designed to elevate the racial literacy and consciousness of individuals and organizations to transform systems and eliminate predictable racial disparities that hinder growth and success.
  • The Culture Conference - Last held in 2018, and it’s scheduled to return in 2020. An invite-only event it brings together business leaders across a variety of sectors.
  • The Culture Summit - A conference all about employee engagement, employee experience, and employee effectiveness. Intended to be shaped by the attendees and attendee interests, the conference promises knowledge about the latest trends and tools to help you in your journey to transform company culture.

If you're looking for more opportunities to engage in professional development for you and your team, check out our national and regional events. We host a wide range of events all across the country, so keep an eye out for one near you!

About Ben Politzer

Ben is Vice President K-12 Lead Gen at Scholarus Learning, and is interested in connecting people to the right supports. He is a former teacher and school principal. He loves new ideas, new ways of looking at problems, and is forever learning how to be a better dad, leader, and marketer.

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