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My New Journey With a Mission-Driven Organization

By: Shelby McIntosh on February 10th, 2020

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My New Journey With a Mission-Driven Organization

Erica Williams Simon, founder of Snapchat’s Creator’s Lab and one of my favorite millennials on a mission, wrote in this tweet that the best career advice she can give is to never attach yourself to a person, place, company, or project, but rather a mission, a calling, or a purpose. I’ve been a teacher, a policy researcher, and an EdTech leader, and my purpose guiding me through each of those roles was to create equitable experiences and opportunities for all learners.

I’m excited to share that my purpose has now led me to join the team at Education Elements, where I’ll have the opportunity to help district leaders solve their biggest problems and achieve their most aspirational hopes and dreams for their students. Whether it’s personalized learning, leadership development and capacity building, or strategic planning, Education Elements is the premier partner for districts looking to design a strategy and put the plan into action. 

Change is scary, and the decision to take this leap did not come easy, but here are some of the reasons I made it:

  • In the age of EdTech, Education Elements is one of the few companies committed to providing consulting services and customizing those services to best meet the needs of their customers. 

  • The organization walks the walk - they’ve implemented the strategies CEO Anthony Kim writes about in The New School Rules and The New Team Habits, and the result is an envious company culture and a highly responsive, innovative organization.

I feel so fortunate to join an organization whose purpose and mission is so closely aligned to my own. What’s your mission, calling, or purpose? How has that impacted your own professional journey?

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