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Choose your partners wisely. And treat them well!

By: Filip Kesler on May 27th, 2015

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Choose your partners wisely. And treat them well!

Personalized Learning  |  Curriculum Strategy & Adoption


It's spring and flowers aren't the only things blooming. This is also the time of year when we at Education Elements focus on our blooming partner catalog - on building  relationships with new partners, and cultivating and growing our relationships with old ones.  With an eye on back-to-school we meet with current, and prospective partners to compare notes, coordinate our back-to-school product releases, and ensure that together we deliver improved student outcomes for our clients.

Naturally, the best place to meet everyone is at a conference!  Our annual trip to ASU-GSV in Arizona was a chock-full of meetings with established and up-and-coming edtech providers.  With more than 270 presenting companies and over 2,000 attendees, this year’s conference tested the capacity limits of the venue and the endurance limits of the attendees. Many of the vendors we met with will find their place among our client recommendations and among our catalog partners in the upcoming months.

This year we also brought together and celebrated our partners at our first annual Personalized Learning Summit.  Over 200 district leaders came together to Silicon Valley to learn from each other, from industry thought leaders, and from our partners.  Our key partners teamed up with school districts to present the successes they have realized working with each other.  As most of our clients use multiple content providers alongside each other, the Summit also presented an opportunity for our partners to meet and discuss additional collaboration opportunities. Tweet: As most of our clients use multiple content providers alongside each other. the #plsummit presented an opportunity for our partners to meet

Jason Singer of Curriculet and Jason Bedford of Dreambox at the PL Summit

Along the way, we also launched our content selection offering, developed case studies with partners highlighting where our work together has led to greater student outcomes and launched our shiny new website too.


As we finalize our partner catalog for the 2015/16 school year, we wanted to reiterate a couple of  important points about the way we partner.

  • Our catalog is curated.  We have evaluated 100s of digital content providers and partner with the ones that combine extraordinary student outcomes with technological underpinnings necessary to deliver a fully personalized instructional experience for students and educators.Tweet: We have evaluated 100s of #digitalcontent providers &partner with the 1s that combine great student outcomes w/ technological underpinnings 

  • Our partners have demonstrable pedagogical excellence and positive impact on student outcomes.  This is critical to us.Tweet: Our partners have demonstrable pedagogical excellence & positive impact on student outcomes. This is critical to us http://ctt.ec/3Ey03+

  • Our partners target district-wide deployments.  This involves more than the ability to sell to a district.  The product must, for example, offer multiple user roles, such as student, teacher and administrator.

  • Our partners have strong technological infrastructure.  They are ready for Cloud-based deployments, automated integration via API’s or flat file exchange, and have single-sign on capabilities using modern technologies like OAuth2 and SAML.

  • We make the integration simple and free to our partners.Tweet: We make the integration simple and free to our partners. @edelements #digitalContent #plearning platform http://ctt.ec/P05pG+ #edtech With our enterprise-class data integration infrastructure, we can easily export, import and transform any type of data.  We do not charge our partners for the access to our API’s, development of the integration, or for ongoing SIS imports.

If you are a Digital Content provider or Educational Tools vendor who meets these criteria, we’d love to hear from you. Please reach out and let’s explore what we could do together .


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