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Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning & Refresh

The strategic planning process is as important as the plan

Strategic planning is a crucial step to ensure your district vision is inspiring and actionable. The strategic planning process needs to be dynamic, responsive, and focused on changes that are successful, sustainable and scalable.

The strategic planning process is as critical as the actual plan

We help you to build and execute an inclusive, responsive, and effective strategic planning process.

  • We start first by understanding existing strategic planning beliefs and processes to align on goals, roles, and structure.
  • We engage with your community to assess strengths and capabilities while identifying room for growth.
  • We define a vision and a set of initiatives that prioritize what matters most to your community, creating a communication plan.
  • And we help you develop metrics to monitor progress so that you know when you are achieving your goals and when you need to pivot.
How to write a school strategic plan

Examples of Strategic Planning in Schools

Example of a school strategic plan Bartholomew Consolidated School Corporation


Example of a school strategic plan Auburn Enlarged City School District


Example of a school strategic plan Waterloo Central School District


Example of a school strategic plan Indian Hill Exempted Village School District



How we helped South Brunswick School District





The South Brunswick SD Strategic Plan

The Ed Elements Strategic Planning Process

Your district strategy will be stronger if you work with the right partner

Though many districts do a great job articulating their mission and vision statements, it’s hard work to effectively communicate this vision and to define and implement the right strategies and actions. 

Education Elements will support your team in identifying and addressing your district’s key priorities and support your organization to achieve your best possible outcomes. We create a customized strategy based on the needs of the district we are serving. Our team provides coaching, support and facilitated experiences to create meaningful change in leadership practices that drive growth for leaders, teachers and students.

Our clients work with us, and refer us to others, for three key reasons:

  1. We are expert facilitators, who engage diverse groups and bring in processes and protocols that drive collaboration, alignment, and action.
  2. We customize our approach based on your unique needs, taking time to learn your context. We never bring in a one-size-fits-all solution.
  3. We get results. We are one of the few education consulting companies that publishes an annual impact report showing how visions and plans translated into results at the district, school, and community level.


Our Guiding Principles

In order to become a learning organization, we believe sharing information is a vital practice. Teams often get bogged down in determining the right size, the right audience, and the right time for sharing information. By developing district and school-wide systems for sharing information we can find new ways to increase alignment and collaboration across the organization. Through our work together, we will co-design teaming practices that are centered around the following:

  • Planning: We will build responsiveness into plans, with integrated opportunities to reflect, refine, and adjust to keep progressing toward strategic goals.
  • Teaming: We will define new ground rules for how to align on purpose, how to share authority, and how to structure team meetings across the district.
  • Managing Roles: We will reimagine the different roles, accountabilities, and people to change how the work gets done within and across teams in the district.
  • Communicating: We will map out a communications plan to maximize transparency and accountability among all members of the community.
  • Decision Making: We will rethink our systems for sharing information and find new ways to increase alignment and collaboration across the district.

Education Elements will host virtual strategy sessions, deliver onsite sessions and check in through regular support calls. These touchpoints will provide development opportunities and model progress monitoring sessions, with the goal of enabling the district and school leaders to lead more effective meetings moving forward and strategically implement and monitor plans. 

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