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Four ways to make Zuckerberg’s $45B investment in personalized learning count
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By: Anthony Kim on January 11th, 2016

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Four ways to make Zuckerberg’s $45B investment in personalized learning count

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Like many in the education world, I was excited to read the recent announcement by Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan regarding their significant investment in personalized learning.

From working in the edtech space for many years, I’ve observed not only the general tendency to under-invest in what should be considered the most important industry in our country (K-12 education), but also that poorly invested money in edtech fails to produce the intended outcomes.

Understanding that investing more money in the wrong places will continue to shortchange our students and educators, consider four important recommendations to ensure that Zuckerberg’s dollars make a difference.

First, spend money on learning. Before investing money into new technology platforms, products, tools or apps, we need a more in-depth understanding of the student needs that exist. Taking it a step further, we must inform educators and decision-makers about what personalized learning actually is and the possibilities it provides so that they understand its value and start to demand it. Money should be invested in connecting with and informing as many district leaders and educators as possible...


Article originally appeared on The Hechingor Report. Read the full article here.


About Anthony Kim

Anthony Kim is a Corwin Press bestselling author, with publications including The New Team Habits, The New School Rules, and The Personalized Learning Playbook. His writing ranges the topics of the future of work, leadership and team motivation, improving the way we work, and innovation in systems-based approaches to organizations and school design. Anthony believes that how we work is the key determinant to the success of any organization. He is a nationally recognized speaker on learning and his work has been referenced by the Christensen Institute, iNACOL, EdSurge, CompetencyWorks, Education Week, District Administration, and numerous research reports. In addition to his writing, Anthony is the founder and Chief Learning Officer of Education Elements, a trusted partner and consultant to over 1,000 schools nationwide. Anthony has been the founder of several companies across multiple industries, including online education, ecommerce, and concerts and events.

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