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Strategic Planning Buy-in Through Community Engagement
December 16, 2019

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Education Elements believes that the process of strategic planning is more important than the plan itself. Having active engagement from all stakeholders is crucial in order to create a plan to respond to the needs of the community.

Families, in particular, play an essential role in supporting their students. Schools also play an important role in building stronger communities with their families.

SchermCo is a social-impact implementation firm that has deep experience and results in purposeful family engagement and empowerment.

In our co-hosted webinar, we shared about the complementary approaches that can help your district thrive. You discussed:

  • The Education Elements approach to strategic planning
  • Strategies to engage families on an ongoing basis
  • How to review and synthesize inputs given from the community
Webinar - Strategic Planning Buy-In Through Community Engagement December 16, 2019

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