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Critical Conversations
for P-20 Educators

TABSE & TABPHE Virtual Symposium
August 22, 2020

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Critical Conversations for P-20 Educators

Engaging panel discussion and inclusive conversations about issues and opportunities across PreK-20 in education.

This event will bring together prominent Texas educational leaders from school districts and higher education to build a stronger future for all learners. 

Access the session recordings and breakout presentation slide decks below. 

Opening Session Recording:

tabse9.22.20 OPENING session



There will be three different breakout sessions, on topics ranging from higher ed to social emotional learning.

Presentation slide deck coming soon.

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Download the presentation slide deck here.

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Download the presentation slide deck here.

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Following the breakout sessions,Dr. Lavelle Hendricks will lead a panel discussion: Mental Health In The Midst Of A Pandemic.  Access the full recording below.

Many Black and African American educators' experiences in America have and continue to be marred by structural, institutional, and individual racism.  These factors and other issues of life have affected their mental and emotional wellbeing and state of mind. With the lack of mental health awareness and professionals available to assist with many disorders faced, African American educators must embrace the need to accept "help" as a sign of strength and not weakness.  This panel will provide information on the many mental health issues affecting educators and possible solutions for change.

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Panel Discussion/Closing Session Recording:


tabse8.22.20 CLOSING session



We will be opening up the Zoom room at 12:45pm CST with some general housekeeping announcements.  Grab your afternoon coffee and a notebook, and head on into the room at that time.  We'll get started promptly at 1pm CST.






Dr. David Harris, TABSE President

Dr. Connie Williams, TABPHE President

1:05 - 1:20pm

Forward Together

University President District Superintendent



  • Obtaining A Terminal Degree In Changing Times
  • Transitioning To The Higher Profession
  • Social emotional Learning For All


  • Dr. Bernnell Peltier-Glaze
  • Jamal Robinson
  • Dr. Tina Jackson
  • Dr. Chris Pichon
  • Dr. Kimberly McLeod
  • Dr. Ellene Polidore


Share Out Report

Lead from each Breakout Session


Panel Discussion: Mental Health In The Midst Of A Pandemic

Moderator: Dr. Lavelle Hendricks


  • Dr. Denise Walker, Visiting Professor of Louisiana-Monroe
  • Dr. Sheniqua Miller, Professor, University of Lamar
  • Dr. Myron Jones, LPC, Private Practice, Dallas, TX 



Dr. Cherry Gooden, Higher Education Commission Chair

Dr. Gwen Morrison



Presented by the Texas Alliance of Black School Educators and the Texas Association of Black Personnel in High Education 




See you August 22nd at 1pm CST!


This action-packed 2-hour event is a must see. Don't miss out! Register here for the TABSE/TABPHE’s Critical Conversations for P-20 Educators.

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