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Why Communication is Critical for Personalized Learning Success
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Why Communication is Critical for Personalized Learning Success

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It has been said that “Success is led by the power of communication.” We knew that if we wanted to be successful in our implementation of personalized learning in Yuma School District One, we would need to develop a communication plan tailored to different audiences within our community that rang with clarity.

And it did indeed turn out that our approach to communication was critically important, even more so than usual when embarking upon a new initiative, in that we were asking our community to help support our personalized learning initiative through a bond election. Therefore, our messaging had to address the “why” around personalized learning, how it would impact our teachers, students and parents, and the benefits that we envisioned our community reaping. As personalized learning was a new concept for our community, clear communication and the understanding of our constituents was paramount....


This article appeared originally on Getting Smart. Read the full article here.




About Suzanne Alka and Luciano Munoz

Suzanne Alka and Luciano Munoz are the Associate Superintendent for Academic Support Services and Executive Director for Human Resources, respectively, at Yuma Elementary School District One. Follow them on Twitter: @YumaDistrict1.

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