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Framework: Ed Elements on the ‘Core Four’ Foundations of Personalized Learning
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By: edsurge on October 28th, 2017

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Framework: Ed Elements on the ‘Core Four’ Foundations of Personalized Learning

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This article is part of the guide The Personalized Learning Toolkit.


The consulting firm Education Elements designated four factors as the keys to successfully integrating a personalized learning model, based on its experience with 100 districts, 300 schools and 300,000 students. Those four elements—flexible content and tools, targeted instruction, data-driven decisions and student reflection and ownership—are the Core Four of Personalized Learning. A framework built around the Core Four provides schools with definitions, details and direction, including actionable ideas, tips and insights from districts who have successfully implemented the four elements.

The Core Four

Flexible content and tools Instructional materials can be customized to individualize path, pace and performance tasks and allow for a variety of ways to demonstrate knowledge authentically.
Targeted instruction Instruction is aligned to students’ specific needs and goals to create a learning environment where all individual needs can be met.
Data-driven decisions Teachers use data to inform instructional decisions. Students can review their own data to make learning decisions.
Student reflection and ownership Students have frequent opportunities to reflect on what they are learning and to set goals, cultivating ownership of their education.

Using the guide set out in the Core Four white paper, school and district leaders can clearly communicate what a shift to personalized learning will entail. Teachers can easily understand what’s expected of them and the results they are trying to achieve. Educators are encouraged to personalize the program based on their needs and strengths.


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