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The Biggest Challenge to Personalized Learning Is Getting Buy-In
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The Biggest Challenge to Personalized Learning Is Getting Buy-In

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Until recently, one of the only things people talking about personalized learning could agree upon was that there was nothing standardized about it. There is no single accepted definition, nor is there a single right approach or way to measure its impact.

But in a recent study of 450 educators, including district leaders, school leaders, teachers, private businesses and other groups from 46 U.S. states, the District of Columbia and multiple foreign countries, it became clear there is one thing everyone could agree on: The biggest challenge to personalized learning is getting others to buy into it.

No other answers came close, and even the second biggest challenge was different for district leaders and teachers versus that of school leaders. Given the variety of definitions of personalized learning, it makes sense that buy-in is a challenge. By name alone, personalized learning sounds like just another jargon-heavy initiative...


This article originally appeared on Edusrge. Read the full article here.


About Amy Jenkins - Guest Author

Amy Jenkins was the chief operating officer of Education Elements.

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