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Real Life Learning: An Up Close Look at Competency-Based Education
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By: Mary Hossfeld on June 14th, 2017

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Real Life Learning: An Up Close Look at Competency-Based Education

Competency-Based Education  |  Mentions

Coined in the 1970s, competency-based learning is gaining converts and building enthusiasm in our K-12 education system, taking the focus off grades and seat time—and replacing it with an emphasis on students’ mastery of specific concepts and skills.

Not surprisingly, as interest in CBE grows, so do questions—about exactly what the approach looks like in practice as well as how its successes are measured. So we’ve created this guide exploring CBE, its practice, policy and the role of technology. 

In the articles below, we walk you through where there’s consensus, and where there's not. We outline the many kinds of assessments CBE teachers employ—from formative to summative to those anchored in real world learning. We’ve also got stories about schools that have ditched grades, classrooms that have eliminated grade levels, and rubrics created to measure the mastery of soft skills like grit and growth mindset.


This article appeared originally on Edsurge. Real full article here.


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