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More than 250 Innovative District Leaders Come Together at Education Elements’ Second Annual Personalized Learning Summit
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By: Education Elements on March 19th, 2016

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More than 250 Innovative District Leaders Come Together at Education Elements’ Second Annual Personalized Learning Summit

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The Personalized Learning Summit brings together more than 250 district leaders at various stages of their personalized learning journeys to share best practices and learn from each other and experts through two days of innovation tours, keynote speakers, and interactive workshops.


The Summit kicks off on Thursday May 19th with tours of some of San Francisco’s most innovative companies. District leaders will learn about how companies such as PayPal, AirBnB, Yelp and Zillow innovate and manage large-scale initiatives, as well as get a first-hand look at the kinds of workplaces for which school systems are preparing students.

Summit attendees will learn about leadership and change management from Dananjaya Hettiarachchi, who will also discuss his own personalized learning experience. Michael Horn will discuss how the world of education has changed since writing his two books, Disrupting Class and Blended.

Because personalized learning is all about making a difference for students, attendees will hear the perspective of a student, Manzell Clay, Jr., a high school from Warren, IN who will discuss how experiencing personalized learning in his final year of school is making a difference for him.

The attendees will build personalized agendas from a range of interactive workshops, including Creating a Culture of Innovation, Building School 2.0: Moving Equity from Theory to Practice, Making Smart EdTech Choices and Activating Professional Learning Through Personalization, as well as participate in a “maker zone” which provides a hands-on experience in such things as integrating new instructional models and enhancing the culture of innovation. The entire schedule can be seen here.

Anthony Kim, CEO and Founder of Education Elements, will engage attendees in a discussion about how school district organizations need to become more responsive as part of ongoing research for his second book.

Education Elements is also proud to partner with the Lexington Institute to bring the Third Cohort of the Lexington Institute Education Leadership Award (LELA) fellows to kick off their journey at the Personalized Learning Summit. As they begin their own personalized learning journeys, the fellows will attend special workshops and kickoff events and be able to learn from the experience of all the other attendees.

“Our mission is to bring personalized learning to all students and we are excited that so many of our district partners and content partners share in making that mission real,” said Anthony Kim, CEO and Founder of Education Elements. “As more and more districts create personalized learning environments, it becomes increasingly important that they not only learn from our experience, but also from the experience and best practices of the districts farther along the journey.”

Education Elements is proud to have Achieve3000, AcademicMerit, DreamBox Learning and Fishtree support the Personalized Learning Summit. The Summit is also supported by Compass Learning, Epiphany Learning and Own It.

The Personalized Learning Summit is sold out, but you can follow along and join in the conversation by following #plsummit and @edelements on Twitter.

Members of the media who wish to join us at the Summit can email jeff(at)edelements(dot)com for information.

About Education Elements: Education Elements is a nationally recognized company that helps districts develop and implement personalized learning strategies through its consulting services and personalized learning platform, Highlight. Education Elements' services help districts to create strategies, design instructional models and support teachers in integrating technology and instruction. Our platform, Highlight, provides students, teachers, and administrators each with a single entry point to access digital content and the actionable data they need to guide instruction and learning. This innovative cloud service offers simple and accessible data visualizations with insights for users of all types. Education Elements has worked with over 300 schools across nearly 100 districts in the US; more than any other company. Please visit https://www.edelements.com to learn more.


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