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Keeping Personalized Learning a Priority
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By: Nick Ganster on July 23rd, 2017

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Keeping Personalized Learning a Priority

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I am a second-year principal at Marion Jr.-Sr. High School. Before my time here, I spent three years as an eighth-grade science teacher, seven years as a chemistry and physics teacher and three years as a high school assistant principal. Despite this experience, I can honestly say that as of seven months ago I knew almost nothing about personalized learning. Just six months ago, school-issued devices at Marion were non-existent. Now, we are a 1:1 school.

When I reflect on how far we have come throughout the past year, I am impressed by how much hard work everyone has done to begin to make personalized learning (PL) a reality. Our district PL Council engaged in serious debate over our vision of PL, our rollout plan (cohort vs. all-in), and our areas of priority and focus. Our PL Building Leadership Team collaborated on expectations and commitments, agreed on base model designs for PL in our classrooms, turn-key trained using the Education Elements’ Core Four, and started the process of developing a formal support structure for teachers transitioning to PL in their classrooms...


This article appeared originally on the Finger Lakes Times. Read the full article here.




About Nick Ganster

In his 15th year as a public educator, Nick Ganster is the principal at the Marion Jr.-Sr. High School. Prior that, he spent three years teaching middle school science, seven years teaching high school chemistry and physics, and three years as a high school assistant principal.

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