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Education’s Latest Secret Trend: Networking
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By: Betsy Corcoran on August 14th, 2018

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Education’s Latest Secret Trend: Networking

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How good are schools at learning? Can they get better?

As a culture, we worry a lot about student learning. But students don’t learn in a vacuum: Most are part of organizations (namely schools) that involve adults who also are engaged in learning, both individually and collectively. So what could help them learn?

Here’s the one of the biggest quiet buzzwords in education: Networks. They can happen in any community—among educators, among schools or districts themselves and, of course, among students. And so emphasizing learning networks nudges educators to think about learning in different ways.

Three recent books explore the power of learning networks. This past spring, EdSurge caught up with the authors at the Personalized Learning Summit, sponsored by Education Elements.

Ed Elements CEO Anthony Kim, who works with hundreds of educations throughout the U.S., wrote “The New School Rules: 6 Vital Practices for Thriving and Responsive Schools” with Alexis Gonzales-Black. As Kim worked with school leaders, he realized that what typically drives success or failure of efforts to improve school is not the educational approach but instead “the culture of our schools, organizational structures and methods of communication and decision making.” He consequently identified what he sees as six “domains of school organization” and explores how schools can learn from one another in these areas.

This article originally appeared on Edsurge. Access the whole  article here.

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