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Education Elements Impact Report Finds Big Gains in Student Achievement
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Education Elements Impact Report Finds Big Gains in Student Achievement

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IT’S ELEMENTARY, MY DEAR: Since 2010 Education Elements has been trying to find the right mix of ingredients to make personalized learning happen in more than 500 schools across 100 districts. Last week it released its 2015-2016 Impact Report, which claims that these students saw more than 100 percent growth in math and reading according to the NWEA MAP. Sound too good to be true?


Blurb originally published on Edsurge. Read more here.

About Yosr Najjar - Guest Author

Yosr Najjar is Marketing Director at Education Elements. She has been working in marketing since 2009 when she got her master's degree in Business & Marketing. Passionate about branding, multilingual, and a world traveler, she served as marketing manager at the international Ogilvy & Mather network where she led marketing and communication efforts for multinational brands in the MEENA region. After 6 years supporting various tech, finance and CPG brands, driven by her passion for education, Yosr joined Education Elements in 2015. Yosr has an 11 year track record in defining, managing and launching innovative marketing campaigns across offline and online channels for large and small, local and international brands. In the past few years, Yosr has translated these experiences into building the marketing function and team at Education Elements, and has been supporting districts in telling their stories and showcasing their work through videos, events, and case studies.

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