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The Blended Learning Classroom Starts With You
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By: Sean Coffron on September 18th, 2018

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The Blended Learning Classroom Starts With You

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As educators, we are constantly revising our practice to focus our craft on student learning driven by sound instructional theory. With the classroom implementation of instructional technology, it is important to continue with the same journey. Blended learning is no longer a strategy that is relevant in some activities and with some lessons, but rather a consideration that must become a part of how we view our role in the classroom.

Of course, blended learning is more than technology integration. It encompasses a variety of strategies to facilitate greater understanding and deeper exploration of knowledge. Because the term is in a state of change, it is really more of a conversation than a definite concept. An article published by the Christensen Institute offers several definitions of the term. However, what is more compelling is the conversation that ensues following the article in which readers reflect not only on the definition, but also the implications of what it does for them as educators and as members of the education sector.


This article originally appeared on Schoology Exchange. Read the entire article here.


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