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A study of 36,000 students just backed Bill Gates
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By: Chris Weller on September 6th, 2017

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A study of 36,000 students just backed Bill Gates' favorite style of education

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Former Microsoft CEO Bill Gates has said repeatedly that one of his favorite ways of teaching kids is by letting them guide their own education, typically with laptops or tablets, and moving the teacher more into the role of coach.

The style is known as "personalized learning," and a study involving 36,000 students just upheld it as a major driver of improvement in reading and math skills.

Since personalized learning has had scant formal evidence showing its success as a teaching method, the new study also adds some empirical support that Gates and many other techies have been on the right track in their endorsements...


This article appeared originally on the Business Insider. Read the full article here.

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Chris is a senior innovation reporter. He covers a whole bunch of fun stuff — basic income, education, public policy, psychology, the future — but he's most interested in how those different worlds can overlap. He's written for Newsweek and The Atlantic, and he has appeared on NPR. One time he fell out of an airplane after a guy strapped to his back told him to wish everyone goodbye.

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