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Education Elements Achieves the Google Cloud Partner Specialization Program

Google Cloud recognizes Education Elements’ technical proficiency and proven success in helping schools and districts through systemic change across the areas of vision, learning approach, technology, funding, community and culture.

This fall, Google for Education is teaming up with Education Elements in a pilot to offer a Personalized Learning Toolkit to leaders at select participating districts.

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Education Elements, a Google Partner Education Elements is incredibly excited to be one of the first two organizations that are part of Google’s newly created Transformation Partner program. Through this work, we will have the opportunity to work with innovative districts across the country that are thinking deeply about the next steps they can take to support student-centered learning in their districts. We started our partnership, not in the Mountain View HQ, but in Chicago, where we worked with four amazing districts to support them in developing a culture of innovation, followed by two sessions at ISTE: one for teachers on flexible content and tools and the other for leaders on our new Core 4 continuum, and then the chance to engage with 100 district leaders at the CA Google for Education Summit.

We love being part of Google’s work to support transformative learning experiences across the county.

Enlarged City School District of Middletown, NY

The Enlarged City School District of Middletown has been on a mission to improve student outcomes and switch from what former superintendent Ken Eastwood called “teacher-centered to student-centered.”

With support from Education Elements and tools from Google, the district has increased student achievement year over year for the past five years.


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Loudoun County Public Schools, VA

Loudoun County Public Schools believes we need to better engage students if we want to empower them to change the world.  Over the past three years, the district has embarked on a journey to combine personalized learning and project-based learning, enabling students to participate in authentic real-world experiences that match their needs, interests and strengths.  

Education Elements support, combined with Google tools, have helped developed LCPS students into life-long learners that can change the world.

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Yuma School District One, AZ

Yuma School District One decided it was time to do something different and big.  In 2015, after ten months of working with K-12 consultancy, Education Elements, to develop a vision, create a roll-out plan and train teachers and leaders, the district rolled out personalized learning in every single one of its 17 schools.

The combination of support from Education Elements and tools from Google have transformed the district and made it into a district that makes its community proud.

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