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Developing a Responsive Strategic Plan: Launch & Monitor
November 12, 2019

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In This Webinar:

Now that we've covered how to set yourself up for success during the strategic planning process, we're talking about how to launch your plan and monitor it to ensure that success.

What we'll cover:

  • How you can build depth and details for one to two years, knowing that new information will lead to pivots
  • What messages and communications you can develop with the broader community in mind
  • Ways to introduce responsive monitoring practices to ensure that the plan is being implemented with fidelity + integrity, as well as driving the impact and outcomes anticipated
  • How to determine leads for each initiative early and provide them clear authority and autonomy, depending on the governance environment

Watch the webinar to earn how to ensure the success of your strategic plan now that you've invested the resources in planning for your district!


Webinar - Strategic Planning - Launch and Monitor - Nov 12 2019


What's next?

Join Us for the National Academy for Strategic Planning with LTPS in West Windsor Township, a one-day event of professional development, designed for district leaders at all stages of their strategic planning process. For district leaders preparing to start their journey, the academy will give them clarity on priorities and approach. For district leaders who are in the midst of the process, the academy will provide guidance around what to do next and why.

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