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15 Questions Every School Survey Should Have

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About this Webinar:

15 Questions Every School Survey Should Have: A Beginner's Guide to Surveys

Creating a listening culture starts with systems for engaging your entire school community. Surveys should play a critical role in your listening culture. Surveys allow districts to collect information from a wide range of individuals in a low-effort setting, and gather continuous feedback throughout the process. But bad surveys can do harm. Professional survey writers go to school and study the craft of data collection. So how can school and district leaders make surveys safe enough to try? 

Education Elements and the team behind Tripod surveys have served as data collection experts for schools and districts across the country. Come to this session to hear from Education Elements Partner Corey Ryan, who oversaw surveys in a 40,000-student school district in Austin, Texas, and the shared learning he’ll bring from our survey gurus at Tripod. You’ll leave with a starter kit to launch your own survey program or revamp the surveys you may already be using. 

Learning Outcomes:

  • Tips for setting up a survey.
  • Questions you can access for the climate or school quality surveys for your students, parents, and community.



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