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Student & Teacher Surveys

Our suite of K-12 student and teacher surveys help school and district communities to track progress towards educational excellence and equity.

Unlock the Value of Student, Teacher, and Family Voice with Tripod Surveys

Tripod is a suite of surveys exclusively provided by Education Elements. We provide research-validated insights shown to be highly effective in improving school climate, student outcomes, and professional learning. And, we pair our surveys with highly customized services designed to help leaders interpret and act on their data, & drive tangible, positive change.


  • Rooted in Educational Equity. Tripod surveys were first administered as part of a school-based initiative focused on raising achievement for all students while reducing the achievement gap. Tripod surveys include measures to capture student perceptions of diversity, equity, and inclusion.

  • Validated by Research. Many research studies have highlighted the reliability and validity of data collected with Tripod surveys, including the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation’s Measure of Effective Teaching (MET) Project, which used Tripod surveys as on of its key metrics.

  • Actionable. Our student surveys use millions of student responses across nearly 250,000 classrooms to benchmark and calibration results. Survey responses are analyzed and presented in user-friendly, online reports designed for teachers, school leaders, and district personnel. Reports highlight areas of strength and opportunities for improvement, so teachers can quickly gauge where to focus attention. 

How are students’ voices driving the improvement work of a school?
I think that's the question we have to ask as we move forward in education.
- Miguel Cardona, US Department of Education


We have perception surveys that cover the following:

Teacher efficacy Beginning teacher pulse check Social-emotional learning & wellness
Families 7Cs of Teaching Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

In addition to the surveys, we have experts who can customize surveys for your particular needs, provide communication support and marketing strategy support, as well as deep analysis.

The Ultimate Guide for Student and Teacher Surveys

Everything you need to know about collecting and using surveys to improve student, teacher, family, and community outcomes in your district.


Recent District Engagements


Portland, OR

  • With the effects of the pandemic, compounded with teacher and sub shortages and a shift in leadership, district leaders and the new school leadership wanted to better understand the perceptions of students and staff on their sense of belonging, inclusion, and trust among staff
  • We developed a custom survey for them drawing from our DEI and SEL survey and integrating specific questions that helped them answer the questions they were seeking to better understand
  • After the administration, we synthesized the survey into a trends report and held a workshop for leaders and staff and identified focus areas and short and long term actions to address the school challenges

Laguna Beach, CA

  • We partnered with Laguna Beach Unified to help them address challenges to equity and inclusion across their schools and district. The second phase of this work was “Listening and Learning”, which included administering Tripod’s DEI survey to students, staff and families and conducting in depth interviews and focus groups.
  • We synthesized trends across the qualitative and quantitative sources of data and developed a readout report for leadership and each school community, leading 90 minute readout sessions. 
  • From there, we identified focus areas for the district and each school and codified a theory of action. We now are working with site level Equity Design teams to design prototypes to address their areas of focus.

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