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Trusted By 350+ Districts and States Nationwide

We work with states (& districts) that mandate science of reading programs. Through this work, we build capacity to ensure that teachers, school, and district leaders have the skills and abilities to be able to teach reading using these methods.

Most recently, the Texas Education Agency (TEA) hired Ed Elements to create systems and increase capacity for their Texas Reading Academies (TRA). In fact, we supported more than 86,000 learners by the end of 2021-2022 and an estimated 133,000 learners by the end of 2022-2023.

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Transformative Leadership

After having worked with Education Elements for 5 years to refine its approach to instruction and implement personalized learning, the Enlarged City School District of Middletown in New York refined its own practices and habits to ensure the sustainability of initiatives in the long term.

New School Design and Implementation

As the 15th largest district in the country, Wake County Public School System was faced with keeping up with the demands of a rapidly growing population. WCPSS worked with Education Elements to design a new "personalized learning school" from the ground up, with a fresh approach to traditional structures and processes along the way.

Personalized Learning

Syracuse City School District struggled with low proficiency levels in math and ELA, and partnered with Education Elements to support instructional transformation across all schools. We developed the capacity of school teams, and connected their vision to district guardrails, resulting in significant improvements for students and staff.

Ed Elements' focus on the WHY behind such an enormous shift in instrumental practice has helped us to frame our work, communicate our rationale, secure teacher buy-in and most importantly provide students with voice and choice.

Director of Curriculum

Many of the districts that we work with say that without the impact of Education Elements they would not be where they are right now. 
The most important way that partnering with Ed Elements has proved effective is the impact on developing teams within each of the districts and beyond. The resources that Ed Elements brings to the table have been extremely helpful in developing long-term success.

Deputy Superintendent, NY BOCES

We needed someone who would accept it when we say, ‘That may have worked with other districts, but it won’t work here.’

Chief Academic Officer, SC

Change Will Always Be a Priority

States and districts are often focused on requiring substantial change. 

Most recently, the focus has been on Science of Reading. But, in previous years, many districts focused on blended learning implementation, or the adoption of new standards, establishing 1-1 laptop programs.

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Sustained Change is Hard

It’s not unusual for districts to find that making change that moves the needle is hard. 

Just look at our national NAEP scores - relatively the same as they were 30 years ago; or not every state has been able to match the reading success of the “Mississippi Miracle”

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Art of Successful School Transformations

Implementing well is not a science, but rather an art that is also defined by your context, students, staff, and community. 

Those that sustain over time generally share the following elements:

  • A clear vision that motivates
  • Evidenced based tactics
  • Inclusive and differentiated learning for staff
  • Consistency and fidelity supported by excellent project management
  • Success metrics and monitoring 
  • Systems for learning, recognition & iteration
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