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Personalized Learning &
Student-Centered Learning
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Supporting school- and district-wide shifts towards a student-centered approach.

Personalizing learning is an instructional approach that empowers students to build ownership of their learning. It is a student-centered approach to learning that calls on educators to be responsive to the needs of their students, making sure they get the instruction they need, when they need it.

Why Personalized Learning?

The world is changing and our schools need to keep up. Students need to become problem solvers and collaborators. They need to take ownership of their learning and become lifelong learners. To do this, students need learning in classrooms to be accessible, relevant, and reflective of how they learn outside of school. We think classroom environments need to change in order to meet the needs of students today and prepare them for tomorrow. Personalized learning helps us do that.

why personalized learning

Principles that Inform System Level Change

We believe that personalized learning does not exist in a contextual vacuum. We believe that in fact, personalized learning should be informed by the following four guiding principles, and that instructional and systemic shifts should rest on these foundational ideas  - that personalized learning is student-centered, equity provides a powerful reason to personalize learning, nurturing learning environments create the conditions to personalize, and that data informs an approach that is responsive and user centered. 

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The Core Four of Personalizing Learning

core 4 cover-1The Core Four is a framework for understanding the practices, mindsets, knowledge, and priorities that best personalize learning for students. Classrooms that personalize learning shift away from teacher-directed lessons towards experiences that build every student’s ownership of their learning. Those learning experiences require educators to have a foundational understanding of social emotional learning and culturally responsive instruction. 

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Our team of former educators and administrators works side-by-side with districts to personalize learning.

While every project is different, because every district is different, there are five main ways we support districts:

  • Develop and articulate a district vision and strategy for personalized learning
  • Support schools with high quality professional development for teachers around personalized learning
  • Utilize learning walks to capture changes in practice and provide responsive support
  • Design new instructional models that personalize learning
  • Build the capacity of school and district leaders to continue this work

The Ultimate Guide for Personalized Learning

Everything you need to know about 

personalized learning and how 

to implement it successfully


Learn More About How We Design and Implement Personalized Learning

The Elements You Need to Succeed

The Core Four white paper includes a framework, actionable ideas & insights from districts who have successfully implemented personalized learning. It can help you get started or take the next step for your district.

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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion &
Personalized Learning Paper

The implementation of personalized learning creates an opportunity for educators to meet the needs of all students, honor their uniqueness, and build ownership of learning. When schools prioritize diversity, equity, and inclusion, they create an environment where personalized learning is most likely to be successful.

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Mythbusters Breaking Down 10 Common Misconceptions of Personalized Learning

Over the years we have learned that PL myths seem to be a barrier. That’s why this year we went myth-busting! Here are our 10 most common myths.

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How to Successfully Personalize Learning in Secondary Schools

The challenges associated with personalizing learning in secondary schools are often the result of well-meaning motivations, externally imposed factors, and self-imposed complications. Read more about these common challenges, and how to support secondary transformation.

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4 Suggestions to Introduce Personalized Learning into Your Organization

Change is hard. This is especially true for leaders introducing personalized learning into their organizations. I often have a front-row seat to the resulting backlash and chaos that stems from leaders as they help their districts make shifts toward PL

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Core Four Continuum of Personalized Learning

The continuum presents the various activities which educators can undertake in the classroom in support of the implementation of the Core Four elements of personalized learning at its different stages.


Personalized Learning Playbook

Make the case for Personalized Learning. CEO Anthony Kim describes the why, and the why now, behind this shift in classroom instruction.

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