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Education Elements is proud to present our newest white paper, “School Improvement Built on a Foundation of What Works”. Join us in this virtual event for an in-depth look at how our process, purposefully designed for results, has helped hundreds of schools exit school improvement status.

Our PLC School Improvement experts will share evidence- and research-based strategies and processes based on decades of experience and results.

In this on demand virtual event, you will:

    • Explore the research-based four-step PLC School Improvement Process

    • Explore how to determine the right strategies to have the greatest impact on student learning

    • Gain insights into managing the complex school improvement process through intentional and sustained effort

    • Hear success stories from multiple districts who have successfully exited school improvement

    • Get answers to your specific questions with our interactive Q&A session at the end of the presentation

    • Be one of the first to receive our newest white paper, School Improvement & Redesign: Built on a Foundation of What Works.

Watch on demand today

Our School Improvement Experts

penny circle

Penny Ciaburri

Penny Ciaburri is a Vice President & General Manager at Scholarus Learning and Founder of PLC Associates. She developed the PLC School Improvement Process, used at Education Elements, to ensure that teachers, school and district leaders would be able to consistently and successfully apply research-based best practices. She is an educator with decades of experience in schools. This past year, more than 20 districts, and more than 50 schools - in partnership with her - were able to exit school improvement status. 

emory circle

Emory Roethel

Emory Roethel is a Senior Director of Operations at Scholarus Learning. He has successfully worked with dozens of schools through the PLC School Improvement Process. He is a former principal, district leader, and an adjunct professor. And, he is completely committed to working with schools and organizations to achieve results.