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Join Us for a Virtual Educator Wellness Series

Educator Wellness Virtual Series Registration

The issue of teacher wellness is one that has impacted districts all across the country. We find that the more that we study this issue, the more complicated it seems. Education Elements has put together a lineup of experts to explore the many facets of teacher wellness. Each month, teachers as well as school and district leaders are welcomed to this safe space to learn about these issues from experts, discuss problems of practice, and explore the solutions that will help transform their campus into a workplace of health and happiness.

You can sign up for the full series using the form above or choose to sign up for individual sessions listed below.   


Check out this 10 minute recap from session 1!




May 17th | Applying Practical Meditation for the K-12 Environment

As school and district leaders plan for the professional development of their educators they consider a great many things. They consider things like school data, pedagogical shifts and new technologies. It is important that school districts also prioritize training for the mind. Chad McGehee, meditation expert, coach and researcher at the University of Wisconsin-Madison joins us to discuss how we can prioritize training of the mind for our educators' development. 

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Session 1 |The Pandemic of Burnout and Why We Need a Happy Teacher Revolution 

Happy Teacher Revolution is a Baltimore-born, international movement with the mission to organize and conduct support groups for teachers in the field of mental health and wellness to increase teacher happiness, retention, and professional sustainability. This session will explore caregiver burnout, vicarious trauma, the importance of self-care in the field of education, and the necessity for teachers to feel empowered to claim happiness as their own as a ‘best practice’ to help students.  Check out the recap here:


Session 2 | Self-Care, Community Care, Classroom Care

Educators will define self-care and community care and examine the relationship between the two. They will also learn how to cultivate a classroom culture of wellness that benefits the classroom community. Check out the recap here:


Session 3 | Navigating a Toxic Work Environment

For teachers, toxic work environments are stifling and suffocating. We can work to provide them with strategies to honor their needs, navigate workplace triggers and set healthy boundaries in the classroom.  Check out the recap here:



Session 4 | Gathering Data of Wellness

Students shouldn't have to choose between academic success and happiness. Schools are supposed to prepare students for a successful satisfying life, but academic success isn't the most important predictor of life satisfaction...emotional health is. With that in mind, how do we measure happiness? Check out the recap here:



Session 5 | Creating Happiness at Work

People seek jobs that fulfill them. They seek opportunities to grow and belong. While purpose, development and belonging do not fully mitigate the threats to an educator's mental wellbeing, they spark a much needed resilience. Recap video coming soon...


Session 6 | Setting Healthy Boundaries

Teachers are caretakers. Every single day they are stewards who help students find themselves, discover new things and make lifelong connections. Many educators teach with a strong sense of purpose. But that purpose leaves educators vulnerable to threats of their mental wellbeing. During this session we will discuss the ways that we can help teachers set healthy boundaries at school.  Recap video coming soon...