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    Education Elements Integrations - Simple, Scalable, Successful!

    Topics: Personalized Learning, Highlight, Personalized Learning Platform, PLP, EdTech

    4 Things I Learned in Spin Class About Personalized Learning (that’s right, spin class)

    Topics: Personalized Learning, Educational Data Mining, Highlight, Personalized Learning Platform, Personalized Classroom, EdTech, Data Driven Instruction

    Five Types of Digital Content Data You Can Use in Personalized Learning Pathways

    Topics: Personalized Learning, Education Elements, Personalized Learning Platform, Digital Content, Digital Learning Solutions, Adaptive Digital Content, Personalized Classroom, Partners, Personalized Learning 101, EdTech, Digital content selection

    Seeing is Believing: Inside Personalized Learning at Myrtle Beach Middle School

    Topics: Personalized Learning, Blended Learning, Personalized Learning Platform, Horry County Schools, School Districts, Introduction to Personalized Learning, #plearning, #plearningframework, Blended Classrooms, Creative teaching

    Highlight, Our PLP, And What is a PLP Anyway?

    Topics: Personalized Learning, Students, Teachers, Blended Learning, Educational Data Mining, Highlight, Learning Management System, LMS, Zone of Proximal Development, Personalized Learning Platform, PLP

    Rotational Models Work for Any Classroom

    Topics: Students, Teachers, Blended Learning, Education Technology, Ed Tech, Personalized Learning Platform, Joel Rose, New Classrooms, Adaptive Curriculum, Bloom's Taxonomy, Rotational Model, Blended Learning Models, School Districts


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